KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 14: Sick of Decorum

‘Who’d have thought that after all, something as simple as rock and roll would save us all?’ is a question that Frank Turner asks in his song ‘I Still Believe’. In the fourteenth episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode we get an idea of what rock music means to Aoi, even if it means going against her upbringing.


An episode focusing on Aoi means we get to see her perform with her band

So Aoi is putting on a concert with her band, which Ichika and Himari find themselves enjoying quite a bit. However, someone appears to put a halt to all that.


Aoi’s guardian by proxy carries her off the stage

Everyone just sorts of watches as Aoi is potentially abducted right in front of their eyes – though it does seem like Mizushima might actually be something of a ninja.
Aoi ends up being absent from school, which distracts Ichika from making sweets. Yukari easily picks up on that, and suggests they go to Aoi’s house.

Aoi's house.jpg

Seems that the Tategami family is pretty wealthy

Ichika and the others go inside, where they encounter a blue-haired girl wearing a white dress. It takes a couple of moments for them to realise just who that person is.

Aoi dressed up.jpg

I’m with Yukari on this on: Aoi doesn’t look half-bad like this

The Tategami Konzern is one of Japan’s leading enterprises, and Aoi’s father is its president. As such, Mizushima believes that Aoi should have the highest standards of decorum – which means not being in a band or working at KiraPati. Naturally, Aoi is against Mizushima.


Rio appears at KiraPati to suggest they leave Aoi alone

Back at KiraPati, the girls talk about Aoi’s situation. Rio just casually shows up from out of nowhere to say that they could end up making things worse. Yukari seems to be the only one who expresses any concern about Rio, though she keeps that to herself.
Ichika completely ignores him anyway, and has a flash of inspiration based on something that Aoi suggested making before.

Rio ignored.jpg

OK, Rio’s expression here is pretty funny. He should get ignored more often.

Ichika and the others get to work, and then the scene changes to an event at the Tategami household. Aoi struggles to do the whole proper lady thing, though Mizushima is there to set her straight.
Ichika and the others have KiraPati open on the Tategami estate, where they start handing out Ichika’s latest creation.

Dolphin Jelly.jpg

Dolphin jelly

Whilst Himari, Yukari and Akira focus on handing out dolphin jelly, Ichika goes to find Aoi. She gives her some dolphin jelly, and then suggests she tries to get through to Mizushima in the way that only Aoi can.


Wild Azure put on an impromptu performance

After their song, Aoi asks Mizushima if he liked her song. It seems that Aoi didn’t get through to him, but there’s the small matter of Julio stealing everyone’s kira-kiraru that Ichika and the others have to deal with first.


Aoi leads the transformation

Of course, Julio needs a weapon to take on PreCure, and he uses the kira-kiraru he collected to produce one.


Here’s Julio’s weapon for this week

Julio realises that there is still some kira-kiraru left for him to take – it belongs to Mizushima. Cure Gelato realises that her song did get through to him thanks to the kira-kiraru, which she borrows in order to use a new attack.

Gelato shake.jpg

Cure Gelato’s new attack, the Gelato Shake

After that, all five Cures use their usual finishing move resulting in the usual resolution these battles against Julio have.
The episode ends with Aoi returning to KiraPati, with Mizushima allowing her to continue with both that and her band as long as she keeps her grades high. Turns out Aoi is actually quite intelligent as well


Aoi offers to tutor Ichika

With this episode, I find myself liking Aoi even more – in fact, it’s a pretty close competition between her and Yukari for my favourite Cure from this series.
Talking of those two, I do feel like this episode was a missed opportunity to have Yukari interact more with Aoi – the reason for this is that Yukari has an aura of a proper lady, which would have made for an interesting contrast to Aoi’s rock ‘n’ roll personality. But instead, Ichika got to do that due to her role as the main character. Seems quite a shame, but as an episode focused on Aoi, I’ve got no complaints about this one.
Hearing Wild Azure’s songs continues to be a treat, and Aoi being a rich girl was certainly an interesting reveal – even if the previous episode’s preview did give it away. Overall, a pretty great episode that has made me appreciate Aoi even more.

I thought the next episode would be one that focuses on Yukari, simply because that would match the order the Cures debuted in. However, that’s not the case; Akira is the focus of the next episode, and it seems events will transpire that cause her to become rather angry. I suspect someone is going to learn that targeting her sister, Miku, is an incredibly bad idea.

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1 Response to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 14: Sick of Decorum

  1. OG-Man says:

    That was jolly good rockin’ episode. Aoi’s brownie stock went up. I also like her new special move. I like ice powers and close-ranged combat so it’s not surprising I like Aoi’s fighting style.

    Looking forward to Akira and her imouto.

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