Twin Angels BREAK Episode 5: Okinawa Double Cyclone

A school trip means that Meguru and Sumire get to visit Okinawa in the fifth episode of Twin Angels BREAK.
Whilst Meguru and Sumire will be going to Okinawa, Miruku chooses to stay behind with Run-Run as she has some investigating to do.


Meguru and the others volunteer to carry Sumire’s lunches

Sumire takes no less than six lunch boxes with her, but each person is only allowed one carry-on item on the plane. Meguru and her friends solve that problem, however.

Yuki and the Twenty-Eights.jpg

Yuki tells Meguru about the Twenty-Eights

On the plane, Yuki introduces Meguru to the twin idols Veil and Nui, also known as the Twenty-Eights. They somehow incorporate carving tuna into being idols.
Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Meguru left her compact back at home, so Miruku sets on a journey to get to Okinawa to deliver it to her.

Meguru tickles Sumire.jpg

Sumire does not take kindly to being tickled

In Okinawa, Meguru, Sumire and the others go do some sightseeing. Meguru gets a proper photo of herself and Sumire together for her album. When they visit an aquarium, Meguru seems to recall being with Sumire in the past.


Sumire shares her lunch with her friends

After lunch, it’s time for a visit to a beach – which means changing into swimsuits, of course.


Chiyori, Urara, Koromi and Yuki in their swimsuits

Sumire & Meguru.jpg

Here’s Sumire and Meguru in their swimsuits

After doing the stuff you’d typically expect to do at a beach, there is an announcement that the Twenty-Eights will be holding a surprise show for visitors to the beach.

The Twenty-Eights.jpg

Veil on the left, Nui on the right – the Twenty-Eights

The Twenty-Eights put on a show as promised. Meguru, Sumire and their friends end up getting invited to the concert that they’ll be putting on in the evening.


Meanwhile, Miruku encounters Rin-Rin, and also has an opportunity to get to Okinawa present itself

The Twenty-Eights’ show goes ahead, but of course it is part of a plot to drain more energy from people. Since Meguru is without her compact, Sumire transforms and goes to confront the Twenty-Eights by herself.

Angel Sapphire vs Nui.jpg

The Twenty-Eights have quite an arsenal of weapons at their disposal

As Meguru starts to despair about how she is a failure as a hero for misplacing her compact, some help descends from up above.

Miruku & Rin-Rin.jpg

Apparently Rin-Rin has no reservations about jumping out of a plane

With her compact back in her possession, Meguru transforms into Angel Rose and is able to join Angel Sapphire in battle against the Twenty-Eights.

Twin Angel.jpg

Angel Sapphire and Angel Rose ready to fight the Twenty-Eights

The Twenty-Eights are able to retreat before Twin Angel can really do anything. Following on from that, we get a bath scene.


Sumire sticks up for Meguru when Miruku scolds her

It turns out that the Twenty-Eights’ concert was part of Mary’s experiment to see if she could get more medals and energy than usual. Unfortunately for Mary, the amount they got was the same as usual. However, once she and the Twenty-Eights return to Tokyo, they’ll be joined by a ‘new boy’ and try to think up a more efficient method for gathering energy and medals.
Mary’s new ally will be revealed next week, though the preview certainly makes no effort to hide who it is.

I feel that this was one of the better episodes of Twin Angels BREAK. Whilst I still don’t like Sumire’s feeling towards her own brother, there was next to none of that stuff here. Instead, we got a fairly fun school trip episode that takes place in Okinawa.
It was also nice to see Sumire sharing her food – I thought that it would eventually happen sooner or later. It’s a small but neat way to show she’s becoming less distant.
The Twenty-Eights are antagonists I like a lot more than Billy. I do wonder if they are cyborgs or completely machine, but either way their assortment of weapons could lend itself to some interesting battles against Twin Angel.
Meguru’s vision she saw when she was at the aquarium was interesting. It seems to imply that she knew Sumire (or someone with blue hair, at least) when she was younger. Perhaps people’s memories of the original Twin Angel being erased affected Meguru in some way as well.
If we could get more episodes like this one, I think my overall opinion of Twin Angels BREAK will only go up.

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