Seven Mortal Sins Episode 4: Time is Unlimited for a Demon Lord

Lucifer, Leviathan and Maria visit London in the fourth episode of Seven Mortal Sins, where they encounter Mammon of Greed.
As this is another Seven Mortal Sins post, here’s the usual warning:

NSFW Warning

Maria, Lucifer and Leviathan

Maria, Lucifer and Leviathan in London

I’ll be going into London at the end of May for the MCM Comic Con, but that has very little to do with Seven Mortal Sins. The reason that Lucifer and the others are in London is to track down another one of the Mortal Sins. After a little research, they find their way to a shop.


The Demon Lord of Greed, Mammon

Mammon asks Maria if she wants to go along with her for some tea and snacks. Maria almost accepts the offer, but Lucifer volunteers to go instead. Leviathan and Maria get left behind.

Mammon vs Lucifer.jpg

Lucifer challenges Mammon

Despite her best effort, Lucifer ends up losing to Mammon. She throws her spear as a last ditch effort, but that only ends up damaging a stained glass window. This infuriates Mammon, who decides that Lucifer needs to be punished.


Back at the shop, Behemoth helps Leviathan and Maria escape their cage


Lucifer’s punishment

At the shop, Leviathan and Maria try to find some clue as to where Mammon has taken Lucifer. Maria finds a bunch of real estate registration forms. Leviathan goes to search for Lucifer at the locations on the forms, leaving Maria alone in the shop.

Maria sucks Mammon's breast.jpg

Mammon manipulates Maria into doing this

Leviathan eventually manages to locate Lucifer, and offers to help her. Since Lucifer represents the sin of pride, she outright refuses Leviathan’s help and claims that she must overcome the trial herself.

Leviathan joins Lucifer.jpg

Leviathan decides to join Lucifer in her punishment

Meanwhile, Maria finds out what is hidden in the depths of Mammon’s shop.


A bunch of people Mammon manipulated into raising her kids

Mammon provides happiness for people, but in exchange she claims all their assets. Turns out Mammon’s husband left her in debt, and she has 500,000 kids to raise by herself.
Maria refuses to be part of that, and she tells Mammon that the kids want their mother – not the people she’s manipulated into looking after them. Maria asks Mammon to release the people, but Mammon pretty much dismisses that as just pride.


Talking of pride, Lucifer arrives after having escaped her ‘punishment’

Mammon quickly learns that throwing around flammable liquids indoors is a terrible idea, and Lucifer is able to defeat her. Leviathan reluctantly took Maria to safe a place on Lucifer’s orders, though she does thank her for helping her to locate Lucifer.
That’s another Mortal Sin down and one more commandment dispelled. After that, Lucifer, Leviathan and Maria go to get some fish and chips to eat. Coincidentally, my dinner today was fish and chips.

I love seeing London – or any other part of England, really – in anime form. That’s probably part of the reason why this episode may just be my favourite one thus far. Mammon was an all right Demon Lord I suppose – the real estate was a pretty interesting take on the whole greed thing.
It seems like Maria may be picking up a few pointers from Lucifer, particularly with that show of pride towards Mammon. Actually, that moment was pretty great, and at least Maria got to stay fully dressed throughout this whole episode. Can’t say the same for Lucifer, though…
Leviathan remains my favourite character, though I would like to see her be a bit nicer towards Maria. I guess she did thank her for her help, but that’s pretty much the only positive interaction Leviathan has really had with Maria.
I thought this episode was fairly good, though I feel that the Demon Lords could be better. I didn’t think much of Asmodeus, and Mammon only really had that interesting take on greed going for her. We still have a few more to go though, so perhaps things will improve.


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