Thoughts on Bleach Volume 36: Turn Back the Pendulum

The thirty-sixth volume of Bleach delves into the past of the Soul Society, featuring a mini-arc called ‘Turn Back the Pendulum’.
There are nine chapters in this volume, which starts at chapter -108 and runs through to chapter -100.

Bleach Volume 36 Turn Back the Pendulum

It is still too early to believe.

Find out what happened in the Soul Society one hundred years ago. Kisuke Urahara is the new captain of twelfth company – now if only he could get along with his assistant captain. And Soul Reaper captain Shinji Hirako suspects something is going on with his second in command, Aizen.

Chapter -108, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum’, goes back in time 110 years where Shinji was the captain of the Soul Society’s fifth company. His assistant captain at the time was one Sôsuke Aizen.
The captains gather, and we see that Love Aikawa held the post of seventh company captain, whilst Hiyori Sarugaki was the twelfth company assistant captain. Even back then, Shunsui Kyôraku and Jûshirô Ukitake were captains of the eighth and thirteenth companies respectively.
The chapter ends with the introduction of the newly promoted twelfth company captain: Kisuke Urahara.

In chapter -107, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum 2’, it is shown that Yoruichi was captain of the second company back then. Kisuke is officially appointed as the captain of twelfth company by the Yamamoto.
Hiyori does not get along with her new captain at all.
Shinji has some advice to share with Kisuke about being a captain, and he also notices that Aizen is hiding nearby.
Kisuke asks Hiyori if she would like to accompany him to the Maggot’s Nest.

Hiyori reluctantly accompanies Kisuke into the Maggot’s Nest in chapter -106, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum 3’. The Maggot’s Nest is a place where people who are considered as “dangerous elements” are confined. In that place, Kisuke meets with Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

Kisuke asks Mayuri if he would like to leave the Maggot’s Nest with him in chapter -105, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum 4’.
Elsewhere in the Soul Society, Yoruichi teases Byakuya whilst Jûshirô talks to Kaien about a new recruit who is a prodigy.
Aizen meets with Gin Ichimaru, who seems to have slaughtered a Soul Reaper.

Chapter -104, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum 5’, takes place 101 years before the present day. Shinji and Aizen ask Kisuke if he’s heard about strange deaths on the Rukongai. The ninth company, captained by Kensei Muguruma and his assistant captain Mashiro Kuna, go to investigate.
Kensei ends up saving Shuhei Hisagi from a Hollow. Meanwhile, Mashiro discovers ten Soul Reaper uniforms.

Kensei decides to camp out at the spot where the uniforms were discovered in chapter -103, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum 6’.
Kensei sends someone to get Kisuke’s help to investigate, and Hiyori ends up getting sent out. Before Hiyori gets there, one of the Soul Reapers turns on his own allies.
Upon hearing that an emergency has arisen, Kisuke regrets not going to investigate himself.

Kisuke is late to the captain’s meeting in chapter -102, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum 7’, where Yamamoto puts together a special task force to investigate the scene. The group comprises of Rôjûrô Ohtoribashi, Shinji Hirako, Love Aikawa, Hachigen Ushôda and Lisa Yadômaru.
Hiyori is attacked by a Hollowfied Kensei, but Shinji arrives to save her.

The rest of the task force arrive in chapter -101, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum 8’, and they end up having to fight Kensei as well as the Hollowfied Mashiro.
Meanwhile, Kisuke tries to sneak to the scene only to be stopped by Tessai – who requests that he goes along as well.

As the Soul Reapers continue to fight their Hollowfied allies in chapter -100, ‘Turn Back the Pendulum 9’, Hiyori Hollowfies and cuts Shinji down. Kaname Tôsen appears to cut down Love, and then Aizen and Gin reveal themselves.

The volume ends with the result of the fourth popularity poll.

This volume of Bleach provides an interesting look at the history of the Visoreds and Kisuke, showing the beginning of how they came to gain their Hollow masks. There’s also brief mention of the Zero Company – it doesn’t hold much meaning now, but that’s a name worth remembering.
An all around interesting volume that builds upon things that have been mentioned before – Kisuke being a former captain and the Visored’s powers being the key points here.

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