Twin Angels BREAK Episode 4: Youth is an Infinite Energy

Last week, Twin Angels BREAK established that it is a sequel to the original Twin Angel series. I did try looking around for somewhere to watch the first series officially, but it seems it is only available on Crunchyroll in America.
Being based in the UK means I’m out of luck if I want to watch it – through official means anyway. I’m aware of other options, but I don’t fancy going out of my way for them.
Since Twin Angels BREAK is a magical girl show, I’ll continue covering it – it’s just that I probably won’t get as much from it as someone who has seen the original series.
With that said, let’s see what happens in the fourth episode.

Meguru & Sumire

The girls take Run-Run out for a walk

Sumire is worried about her brother, as she hasn’t heard from in for a week. Miruku is also worried, though she keeps that to herself. As they walk, they pass a self-proclaimed genius. Turns out he is an enemy of Twin Angel Break.


He goes by the name “Billy”

He claims to have no interest in girls, but that’s an outright lie. He talks to Mary about her infiltration of the school, and he ultimately decides he should do the same – but it is in no way an attempt to get closer to girls, all right?

Transfer student.jpg

All the girls almost instantly find this new transfer student creepy

Billy ends up falling for Sumire.


Meguru tells Miruku about the new transfer student whilst Sumire worries about her brother

Underneath the school, which is where the antagonist’s HQ is located, Mary tells Billy that he has to determine the true identities of Twin Angel Break or else he’ll be ejected from their organisation.

Twin Angel Break is here.jpg

Billy lures out Twin Angel Break

Whilst they are fighting, Billy analyses Twin Angel Break. Once he has gathered sufficient data, he retreats. His research reveals to him the identities of Twin Angel Break:

Twin Angel Break identities.jpg

…or maybe not

Billy writes a letter of challenge for Koromi and Yuki, which Meguru volunteers to deliver. She is under the mistaken impression that it is a love letter for Yuki, and Miruku ends up rewriting it after they read it. Yuki & Koromi show up at the promised time and place, and… well, this happens:

Yuki & Billy.jpg

Just a reminder that Yuki is male

Billy ends up falling for Yuki, even though he thinks he’s fallen for a Twin Angel. Meguru and Sumire can’t stick around to watch the spectacle for too long, as Twin Angel Break are called into action.

Twin Angel Break

Twin Angel and Twin Sapphire confront Mary

Mary retreats shortly after Twin Angel Break arrive.
Back in the enemy’s HQ, Billy is ejected for being an “all-talk incompetent”. Turns out Mary also has a prisoner there, as well.


Keeping Yuto alive seems like it will end up being an extremely poor decision


I’m guessing Mary intends to hypnotise Yuto to make him fight Twin Angel Break

That wraps up episode 4, and I’m going to start right away by saying that I hope we never have to deal with Billy again. I didn’t like him at all, and nothing he done throughout the episode changed that. I think the girls’ reactions to him were justified.
This episode did advance the plot a bit I suppose, but it’s not one that I’ll remember fondly. Hopefully the twins turn out to be a more interesting pair of antagonists, and then there’s whatever Mary has planned for Misty Knight.
I’m still going to continue covering Twin Angels BREAK, even with my lack of knowledge about the first series. Anything I do know about that first series was what I read from the Wikipedia page.

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1 Response to Twin Angels BREAK Episode 4: Youth is an Infinite Energy

  1. tcondon1 says:

    I didn’t realize that I could watch Twinkle Paradise on Crunchyroll. It’s a shame I learned that after I watched Break but I’m glad to know about it.

    Also, I agree, Billy sucks.

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