Seven Mortal Sins Episode 3: It’s Natural to Want to Feel Good

It didn’t take long for them to give us a beach episode, huh? Let’s see what Lucifer, Leviathan and Maria get up to in Miami. Oh, and as ever:

NSFW Warning

Maria, Lucifer and Leviathan

Lucifer, Leviathan and Maria take a plane to Miami

Apparently Lucifer is able to tell where the other Sins are thanks to the angel’s blood that Maria took into her body when they first met – which is the reason they are heading for Miami.


Sure enough, Asmodeus is at a beach in Miami

Being the Demon Lord of Lust, Asmodeus uses that to her advantage to gain herself more followers in the human world – both men and women become enamoured with her.
Being at a beach means that Lucifer, Leviathan and Maria have to buy some new swimsuits before taking care of business.


Lucifer confronts Asmodeus


Lucifer specifically picked out this swimsuit for Maria

Leviathan tries to confront Asmodeus, but Lucifer calls for them to retreat.
Later on, Lucifer takes Leviathan and Maria to what can only be described as a strip club, where Asmodeus puts on a show.

Pole Dancing.jpg

I guess this is about par for the course for the Demon Lord of Lust

Leviathan doesn’t want to be outdone, and decides to try some pole dancing herself in an attempt to seduce Lucifer.


Despite her best efforts, Asmodeus proves to be too much for Leviathan to handle

Lucifer and Maria take Leviathan to a hotel room. Whilst Leviathan gets lost in her own lust, Lucifer sends Maria to get a sandwich for her. Maria complies, only to be captured by Asmodeus.

Bound by Lust.jpg

Asmodeus is eager to have her way with Maria

Lucifer shows up to interrupt Asmodeus, and challenges her. Asmodeus accepts her challenge.


Lucifer is covered in a potent aphrodisiac that makes her feel pleasure at a mere touch

Lucifer tells Asmodeus that there is no reason for lust to be a sin, and this ultimately results in the Demon Lord of Lust experiencing lust towards the fallen angel. Lucifer’s pride overcomes Asmodeus’ lust, and one of the seven commandments that Belial placed on her is dispelled.

Lucifer & Leviathan.jpg

Leviathan happily offers to apply suntan lotion

The episode ends with Maria wondering if it is all right for her to put her faith in a Demon Lord – especially seeing as how Lucifer was able to defeat Asmodeus.

Well, at least lust is out of the way now, leaving only six more commandments for Lucifer to dispel. Things played out the way I pretty much though they might, and it seems that Maria experiencing some kind of trial might become a recurring theme. Let’s hope she gets to keep her clothes for the next ones…
Going back to the beginning of the episode, Leviathan found herself unable to touch Maria. Why wasn’t she stopped in the previous episode? I would guess it was because she didn’t try to make physical contact then, but it does seem a little inconsistent.
As for Asmodeus, I didn’t really think too much of her. Lust was her thing, and that was it. I just hope that the other Mortal Sins prove to be more interesting than her.
This episode served its purpose in advancing the plot, with plenty of fanservice thrown in. Overall, I would just say that it was all right.

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1 Response to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 3: It’s Natural to Want to Feel Good

  1. OG-Man says:

    Swimsuit episode quota met and it was delightful as expected.

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