KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 12: Sheep Cupcake

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode will be giving us a mysterious transfer student arc from this episode onward. Whilst there was some enjoyable moments in this episode, I’m not exactly thrilled to see a repeat of a plot point that has featured in prior entries in the franchise.

Rio Kuroki

Here’s the mysterious new transfer student, Rio Kuroki

Have you guessed who it is yet? Anyways, Rio shows an interest in Ichika, though also proves to be fairly popular with both the boys and girls of the school as well.


Gummy and the other fairies

At KiraPati, Gummy and the other fairies that PreCure fought before show up and apologise for their actions. They tell the girls that they didn’t really have any control over themselves at the time. Ichika and the others forgive them and they share sweets together.
Later on, Ichika brings some company over to KiraPati – her friend Risa, and the transfer student as well, of course.

Yukari bothered by something

Aoi notices that Yukari might be bothered by something

Ichika starts making cupcakes, with Rio claiming that he is no good at making sweets. When it comes to the time to make the cream, however…

Rio's advice.jpg

Rio offers advice

As is the case once per episode, Ichika has a flash of inspiration.

Sheep cupcake

Sheep cupcake

Rio walks home with Risa, and persuades her to eat one of the cupcakes. She does so, and Rio takes the opportunity to steal the kira-kiraru from her rather than the cupcake.

Stealing kirakiraru

Kira-kiraru grows more if it is allowed to gestate in a person’s heart

Rio is also able to determine that Ichika’s sweets are special in some way. Rio dons his mask, and Ichika and the other soon arrive on the scene.


One transformation sequence later…

Black kira-kiraru.jpg

Julio prepares to take on PreCure with a sword created from black kira-kiraru

OK, I may not like the whole mysterious transfer student the show is doing at the moment, but PreCure’s fight against Julio is particularly good – definitely a high point for this episode.

Whip vs Julio

Cure Whip believes sweets a warm and gentle, whilst Julio just hates them

Using the advice she received from Rio earlier, Cure Whip is able to counter Julio’s attack. Julio recognises the technique she uses.
The Cures launch their finishing attack, Julio escapes but his black kira-kiraru sword is purified.
The episode ends with Rio realising that Ichika is Cure Whip, based solely on the use of the technique he taught her when she was making the cupcakes.

You know, if Julio had turned around earlier after taking Risa’s kira-kiraru, he would have seen all five of the KiraPati girls transform into PreCure. Him realising Cure Whip’s identity based on a technique she used seems overly complicated to me.
As you may have realised already, I’m really not keen on the transfer student story we’re getting at the moment. It has been done before, and it’s probably going to play out in a similar manner as any other time we’ve seen it.
I also miss the monster of the week – one could say that the fairies filled that role for the first part of the series, but I mean monsters more along the lines of Maho Girls‘ Yokubarl or Go! Princess‘ Zetsuborg.
As I already mentioned, the fight against Julio was really good. If nothing else, this episode has that going for it at least. If we get more battles like the one in this episode, than I might be able to put up with the Rio stuff for a couple more episodes at least.

Next time, Himari is in the spotlight. Not that she wants to be…

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1 Response to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 12: Sheep Cupcake

  1. OG-Man says:

    I like that Julio uses supercharged weapons rater than “Monsters of the Week” to face the Cures. Other than that I care not for “Rio”.

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