Twin Angels BREAK Episode 3: Super Moves

Meguru and Sumire have some training in store in the third episode of Twin Angels BREAK.


Miruku scolds Sumire and Meguru after their third loss against Mary

The Twin Angels suffer three defeats at the hands of Mary, and that really irks Miruku. The hedgehog tells them that they need to be more conscious of their role as Twin Angels.
Whilst walking to school with Sumire, Meguru wonders what Miruku meant by that. Sumire reveals she has an older brother, only to immediately deny his existence.



Haruka & Aoi

Yukari & Aoi – the original Twin Angel team

A flashback shows the original Twin Angel team, Yukari and Aoi, being held captive whilst Kurumi escapes. Kurumi was entrusted with the Twin Angel medals, and in order to evade capture, she took her hedgehog form – the one we now know as Miruku.


Once again, Meguru and Sumire eat lunch on the school’s roof

Sumire tells Meguru what she knows about the previous Twin Angel team – basically what her brother told her. Meguru finds it odd that the so-called famous heroes aren’t widely known. She then decides that in order to live up to the legacy of the previous Twin Angels, they need super moves.
During gym class, Sumire becomes anaemic and is sent to the nurse’s office, where the nurse catches Meguru’s eye.

Meguru & the nurse.jpg

It’s the nurse’s complexion that interests Meguru

I still don’t know how neither Meguru nor Sumire has picked up that Mary is the school nurse – especially when she claimed to be 331 years old…

Yuto Kisaragi

Sumire’s older brother, Yuto Kisaragi

Oh, would you look at that. I immediately despise the way Sumire acts towards her brother. Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that Yuto is acquainted with the original Twin Angel team as well.

Yuto & Miruku

Yuto talks to Miruku about the Twin Angel successors

After their talk, Miruku has Meguru and Sumire train by pushing them as hard as possible. Meguru and Sumire take a break, and when Meguru shows the super moves she’s come up with, Miruku snaps. She runs off.

Art class

Art class

The girls are unable to contact Miruku for a few days, but they decide to continue with their training to master their super moves regardless. Sumire suggests that Miruku got mad because Meguru is easy to misunderstand – after all, they are pretty much all after the same thing.
There’s a training montage, as well as a scene where Meguru and Sumire discuss what their roles should be in battle. They don’t have to wait too long to put their training into action, as Mary appears once more.
Miruku tries to deal with the threat on her own, but there’s only so much a hedgehog can do.
Fortunately, Angel Rose saves her from a troublesome situation, complete with a new super move. Whilst she concentrates on the minions, Angel Sapphire is free to go after Mary.

Angel Rolling Thunder Twilight.jpg

Angel Rolling Thunder, Twilight

Mary retreats, and Miruku is able to see that Meguru and Sumire have been serious about being Twin Angels. Miruku reveals that they are collecting energy in order to save the previous Twin Angel team – the enemy erased everyone’s memories of Twin Angel, which is why it seemed as if nobody had heard of them.

Mary vs Misty Knight

Mary is confronted by a mysterious masked- oh, come on, it’s obviously Yuto

Yuto seems to gain the upper hand, but Mary pretty quickly turns things around.

Yuto falls

Well, I guess Yuto’s dead – for now at least.

I get the feeling that we’ll probably see Yuto again – perhaps Sumire can get a little growing done before that happens, though.

Well, this episode confirmed that this series is indeed a sequel to the original Twin Angel. I’m not really feeling any urge to go back and watch it, though – I’ll just stick with having read the synopsis for it.
It was nice to see Meguru and Sumire continue to grow as Twin Angels, especially with them realising what their specific roles should be during combat. I also quite liked the way that Meguru was painting a portrait of Sumire during their art class.
The most disappointing thing about this episode was Sumire. I liked the stoic girl who has a weakness for cute animals, but I don’t like the same girl who is infatuated with her own brother.
Yuto showing up at the school felt kind of pointless – I get it was to establish him as Sumire’s brother, but it’s not like he did anything of worth. The conversation he had with Miruku was better, because that actually established something important that probably wouldn’t be revealed in any casual conversation.

I don’t really think too much of this episode. There were some decent moments, such as the new moves and the purpose of being Twin Angel being revealed. I would even say that last scene was all right as well, but I still feel like it won’t stick. If it does, then that’ll be a nice surprise.
Twin Angels BREAK is three episodes in, but it hasn’t really done anything amazing yet. It continues to be not terrible, but not amazing either. I’ll continue covering it for now, because it hasn’t done anything to really put me off it yet – though this episode certainly came close…

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1 Response to Twin Angels BREAK Episode 3: Super Moves

  1. cirno9fan says:

    You really should ahve watched the original first. It was really off the wall most of the time xD

    Anyway, I doubt he’s dead, he survived being exploded dead on, I’m sure he can survive a lava bath.

    For me, this was an especially nice episode, because I ahdn’t realized that Miruku was Kurumi, I mean she had the same voice, and I should have realized,but I didn’t xD Personally, I’d say this show is handling story MUCH better than the original (which only really shone when it focused hard on the comedy).

    I agree that it’s disappointing that she has to be a brocon, but that doesn’t rule out the yuri.

    I”m just hoping Kurumi can get back to her original form soon…and maybe Lilica can make an appearance!That, and Twin Phantom. I really hope they return. Can never have enough lesbian twins.

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