Seven Mortal Sins Episode 2: Envy is Not a Sin

This post is going to begin in very much the same way as the one for episode 1 did:

NSFW Warning

In this episode of Seven Mortal Sins, Leviathan – who represents the sin of envy – gets envious.

Stolen heart

Lucifer quite literally steals Maria’s heart

Despite being stabbed through the chest and having her heart removed, Maria is perfectly fine because some demonic sorcery means she is immortal as long as Lucifer possesses her heart.

Leviathan attacks

Leviathan doesn’t take kindly to the attention that Maria is receiving from Lucifer

Lucifer prevents Leviathan from hurting Maria, and insists that they will be taking the human along with them. Considering her heart is in Lucifer’s possession, Maria decides to go along with the demons.
They go to a hotel where it turns out the presidential suite has been booked in the name of Maria Totsuka for some reason. Of course, it has a pool which must mean it is about time for some fanservice.

Leviathan & Lucifer

Why did Leviathan decide to jump into the pool fully clothed?

Whilst Lucifer and Leviathan are distracted, Maria tries to grab her heart. She fails, however, and Lucifer forces her to strip and join them in the pool. Leviathan is less than impressed.


Maria reluctantly enters the pool

After their swim, Lucifer decides that it is time to have something to eat. Leviathan eagerly volunteers to cook something hellish for her, and changes into a more… er… inappropriate outfit.

Leviathan cooks

I mean, she hasn’t even tied her hair back…

Leviathan’s cooking song reminded of Symphogear GX‘s beef stroganoff song – food related, out of nowhere and fairly random, but still a bit of fun. She makes quite the interesting looking cuisine, which earns Lucifer’s approval in the end. However, she does not like seeing Lucifer share the food she made for her with Maria.
Lucifer takes off for a while, leaving Leviathan alone with Maria… oh dear. Leviathan starts attacking her, eventually capturing her prey in the hotel’s lift.

Leviathan tortures Maria.jpg

An envious Leviathan decides to break Maria, since she can’t kill her

Whilst Maria endures Leviathan’s torture, a man enters the lift. Maria has to fight to stop herself from crying out, whilst Leviathan is completely intangible to him. Leviathan says that Maria has what she wants, even crying due to her jealousy. Maria recalls a conversation she had with Mina before, and tells Leviathan that she is jealous that she is able to like someone as much as she does. Maria is able to talk her way out of her torture by saying that envy is not a sin.

Lucifer appears

Turns out the man in the lift was actually Lucifer

Lucifer takes Maria up to her bed, and tells Leviathan that she is not to lay a hand on Maria any more. Leviathan respects Lucifer’s wish. Maria wakes, meaning that Lucifer can take care of her next bit of business.

Lucifer & Maria.jpg

Extremely important business

Lucifer is searching for something, and apparently Maria is able to see where it is when she is aroused, I presume. So, their next destination is Miami.

I felt sympathy for both Maria and Leviathan during this episode. Of course, moreso for Maria, as she had her heart stolen and then had to endure Leviathan’s attack. I did like the way that Maria handled the situation with Leviathan; words won out over demonic powers.
As for Leviathan, her desire to be with Lucifer certainly burns strongly. I know that envy is her shtick, but for her to straight out cry whilst saying that Maria has what she wants…
She also tries so hard for Lucifer’s approval, and I quite like that about her.
Let’s hope that Leviathan will be a little more civil towards Maria from this point forward, though considering the type of anime this is, I’m sure Maria has plenty more tribulations in store. Heck, that’ll probably be the case for both Lucifer and Leviathan, too.
With a focus on Leviathan, I quite enjoyed this episode – even if Leviathan did perhaps go a little too far. I also quite liked Maria in this episode, particularly with the way she bested Leviathan.
Seems like we’ll be getting a beach episode next time.

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1 Response to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 2: Envy is Not a Sin

  1. OG-Man says:

    Yet again the show delivers in naughtiness and neat anti-heroines. Poor Maria’s going to have it rough but I’m sure she’ll pull through. There’s something special about her after all.
    Poor Leviathan. Let’s hope she finds happiness by show’s end.

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