Kira Kira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 11: Sweets Festival

The girls in KiraPati spent the previous episode preparing for the Sweets Festival, so it’s only natural that episode 11 focuses on that. Surely nothing can go wrong with a large gathering of people and kira-kiraru filled sweets, right?

Ichika & her Dad

Ichika’s dad has noticed that she’s been busy recently

The day of the Sweets Festival arrives. Ichika’s father plays the role of doting dad, pretty much just embarrassing her. Ichika heads out and tells her dad to stay put. Meanwhile, someone watches over the town.

Masked person.jpg

Seems like there’ll be trouble ahead

The opening credits play, and we go back to the regular animation for them – no more previews of Dream Stars.

Sweets Festival

The Sweets Festival

Once Ichika arrives, the girls (sans Yukari) start calling in customers for KiraPati’s pop-up shop. Several of the side characters they helped out before – I was unsure whether they would appear again, but I was proven wrong. Still don’t care for them as much as Maho Girls‘ side characters, though…
The reason Yukari wasn’t there was because she was bringing in some more customers – specifically the Yukari and Akira fan clubs. KiraPati gets quite a lot of business.


Gen’ichirou is touched to see that his daughter is working at a shop with her friends

Gen’ichirou embarrasses Ichika even more, so she tells him to go away. Yukari notes that he showed up because he cares. He leaves, picking up a shortcake on the way.


The evil fairies attack

The masked person summons all the evil fairies that PreCure have defeated previously, and they start to steal all the kira-kiraru. Naturally, that means transformation time. The Cures protect the people, though one evil fairy manages to elude Cure Whip.

Gen'ichirou attacks

Gen’ichirou proves his worth as a martial artist

Who needs PreCure when you have a black belt martial artist? However, the masked person has a trick up his sleeve when he sees that the fairies aren’t proving to be too effective against PreCure.

Combined fairies

The fairies get combined into a single being that can use all their abilities

PreCure get overpowered by the enemy, and Gen’ichirou ends up captured when he runs to try and help out Cure Whip.

Gen'ichirou captured.jpg

Gen’ichirou refuses to hand over his shortcake

Gen’ichirou is able to escape by biting the monster’s arm, making it throw him to the ground. Whip sees that he has a shortcake, and he says that he brought it for his daughter and her friends to share. Ichika’s feelings spill forth, shining brightly.

Spirit bomb.jpg

We get a Spirit Bomb moment when the people at the Sweets Festival lend their power to PreCure

The feelings of everyone awakens a new power.

Candy Rod.jpg

The Candy Rods

With a new power comes a new finishing move.Custard.jpgGelatoMacaronChocolatWhip

3 2 Wonderful a la Mode

Three – Two – Wonderful a la Mode

With that, the fairies are relinquished from the control of the masked person – I assume that’s why they were evil at least. The girls revert back to their normal forms, and they eat their shortcake together. Gen’ichirou also continues to embarrass Ichika, because he is her father, after all.

Masked foe

We end with this

I really liked this episode – Gen’ichirou was a particular highlight. Him embarrassing Ichika was pretty funny, and then there was that moment where he joined the fight against the evil fairies.
It’s a shame that there isn’t too much in the way of physical combat, because I think an episode where Ichika (and maybe the other girls) train under Gen’ichirou would have quite some potential. I guess they could still do a martial arts training episode regardless, but I’d want to see some pay off from it.
It’s interesting that Ichika and the others transformed in the middle of the festival – I guess everyone was too busy fleeing to notice. I also feel that Gen’ichirou should have realised just who Cure Whip is, or at least said something about her seeming similar to Ichika…
PreCure’s fight against the kira-kiraru thieves was pretty great, and I’m glad to see that they’ve finally got themselves a flashy finisher which is appropriately cake-themed. These past two episodes of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode have been particularly good – I’d say equal to Yukari’s introduction – but I fear that may have been a peak.
Next time, we’re getting a mysterious transfer student story and oh, the preview reveals that it is the masked boy – because let’s face it, who else would it be? I just feel apathetic towards the next episode.
On a more positive note, it is around 10PM in the UK on the 16th of April as I publish this post, so it seems like an appropriate place for this:


Happy birthday, Cure Custard


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One Response to Kira Kira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 11: Sweets Festival

  1. OG-Man says:

    I imagine some peeps didn’t like the finishers coming back due to repeat weekly stock footage. I’m cool with it. My personal disappointment was that the Cures don’t say “Precure…’insert cool finisher name here” anymore.

    Other than that a really good episode.

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