Seven Mortal Sins Episode 1: Burdened with the Sin of Pride

Well, might as well start this post off with this:

NSFW warning!

Yep, Seven Mortal Sins is quite heavy on the fanservice. Still, I found the first episode interesting, and I did say I would post about it depending on what I thought after the first episode. With the warning out of the way, let’s take a look at episode 1 of Seven Mortal Sins.

Maria meets Lucifer

Maria Totsuka meets Lucifer

We begin by seeing Lucifer fall from Heaven after being betrayed by the angel Michael. She ends up making a pit stop in a church where she meets a girl named Maria. It seems Maria is special in some way, as humans aren’t supposed to be able to see angels. After introductions, Lucifer’s fall continues and she ends up in Hell.


Leviathan, who desires to become one of the Seven Mortal Sins

Lucifer ends up on the lowest level of Hell, Cocytus. She falls right in front of Leviathan, who is infatuated with Lucifer – so much so that she takes the opportunity to have her way with Lucifer whilst she is bound to a cross.

Outfit change

Lucifer is able to knock Leviathan away, and then put on some clothes

Leviathan says that she will follow Lucifer from now on, whilst continuing trying it on with her. Lucifer slaps her away, whilst also noticing someone in the distance.
Leviathan takes Lucifer to Pandemonium, the place where the Seven Mortal Sins that rule Hell gather. There, they are greeted by the person who Lucifer spotted just a moment ago.


Satan, the Demon Lord of Wrath

Satan attacks Lucifer, but Lucifer counters her and makes quite an entrance into Pandemonium. Inside. the rest of the Seven Mortal Sins are introduced.GreedLustGluttonySloth


The leader of the Seven Mortal Sins and the Demon Lord of Vanity, Belial

Belial commands the Seven Mortal Sins to take care of Lucifer, but they have none of it. Belial takes matters into her own hands, and Lucifer decides that she will defeat the Demon Lord of Vanity and take her place.

Mina & Maria.jpg

Mina and Maria

Back up on Earth, Maria talks with her friend Mina about the existence of angels and demons, as well as the incident at the church. It also seems that Mina is quite fond of Maria, particularly as she starts feeling her up whilst hugging her.


It seems that Maria and Lucifer entered into some kind of pact during their brief meeting

Back in Hell, Belial wields her ancestral sword Dáinsleif in order to fight Lucifer. Lucifer is able to make quick work of the sword and Belial, but then Belial gets an increase in strength from an entity called Gnosis.


Belial turns the tide of the battle

Lucifer tries to flee, but the Seven Mortal Sins actually go after her when ordered to by Belial. She is overwhelmed.

Asmodeus of Lust.jpg

Asmodeus of Lust tries to take advantage of Lucifer

Leviathan tries to help out, but the Demon Lord of Gluttony intervenes. Lucifer is then left at the mercy of Belial, who cuts her angel wings off. The other Mortal Sins lose interest, but before they go, Lucifer has something to say to them.

Demon Lord Lucifer.jpg

With her ties to God gone, Lucifer becomes a demon lord and declares her intention to stand at the top of the Seven Mortal Sins

Lucifer and Leviathan end up getting cast out of Hell to Earth. Maria is there when they appear.

Lucifer, Leviathan and Maria

Lucifer is not an angel, she is a demon lord

The episode ends there.
Being heavy on the fanservice means that this show certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I have no qualms with it. I’m up for the whole concept of Lucifer challenging the Seven Mortal Sins to rise to the top.
This show offers us more yuri, though it seems mostly one-sided at the moment. Leviathan is my favourite of the characters – that’s been the case ever since I first saw her design – so I’m hoping that the relationship between her and Lucifer develops into something more than a one-sided infatuation. Given the type of show this is, it’s probably best not to get hopes too high.
Maria and Mina are a potential pairing, but we didn’t really see enough of them interacting to determine just what their relationship is like. They could be lovers for all we know, or perhaps it is just another one-sided infatuation. Considering what happened at the end of this episode, that might not really matter in the long run, though…
As for the other characters, I quite like the Demon Lord of Gluttony’s design as well. All the character designs in general are pretty great, but the aforementioned demon lord and Leviathan stick out as two of my favourites.
I quite liked the ending theme, too – “Welcome to our diabolic paradise” by Mia REGINA.
Again, Seven Mortal Sins won’t be for everyone, and I’m sure some certain people have very specific reasons for watching it, but I’m interested in seeing where it goes. I quite enjoy media that revolves around demons, with the Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor games on DS and 3DS being the foremost examples that spring to mind.
I will continue to cover this show weekly, alongside Twin Angels BREAK.


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One Response to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 1: Burdened with the Sin of Pride

  1. OG-Man says:

    Very interesting and delicious. Here’s hoping for more goodness as the show progresses. Also hoping Mina won’t be left behind.

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