Twin Angels BREAK Episode 2: Dealing With People Takes Too Much Effort

After being introduced to Meguru in episode 1, it is the turn of Sumire to be in the spotlight for the 2nd episode of Twin Angels BREAK.SumireWe start with Sumire, who is revealed to be a sucker for cute animals. She would rather avoid people, as that means less hassle in her life – though her big brother is an exception.

Meguru & Sumire.jpg

Meguru manages to walk (partway) to school with Sumire

Meguru is still keen to befriend Sumire, and is able to locate her home thanks to Miruku. They walk some of the way to school together, with Meguru trying to learn more about the things that Sumire likes. Sumire has very little to say. When Sumire takes off, a box catches the attention of Meguru.

School Nurse

A new nurse starts working at the school

Over the course of the day, Meguru continues to interact with Sumire. Despite what Meguru’s friends say, Meguru is determined to befriend her.


Meguru eats lunch with Sumire again

Skipping ahead to a P.E. lesson, a volleyball goes astray into the equipment cupboard and Sumire is sent to fetch it. In there, the contents of the box that Meguru discovered earlier are revealed.

Miruku & Dog

Miruku was ‘looking after’ a stray dog

Meguru comes looking for Sumire, and soon enough both of them are caught with the dog and Miruku by a teacher. They don’t get into any trouble, as the school nurse distracts the teacher.
The dog needs to be taken in by someone, but Meguru is unable to. However, Sumire volunteers to look after the dog.

Sumire's home.jpg

The dog has very little interest in Sumire

Meguru suggests different names for the dog, but they all sound like something you’d call a panda. In the end, Sumire comes up with a name: Run-Run.
Meguru and Sumire take Run-Run to an event where people can get their pets to race against others in order to win a year’s supply of pet food. They figure Run-Run isn’t ready to race, but they want the prize.

Animal Race

Miruku enters the race

As the race gets underway, fights start to break out between the owners. Turns out there was some evil at work, which means that Miruku has to abandon the race to allow Meguru and Sumire to transform.

Twin Angel.jpg

Angel Rose and Angel Sapphire, the Twin Angels



The source of the evil is Mary, who summons a bunch of minions. Angel Sapphire quickly goes to work, whilst Angel Rose watches on and cheers her. Miruku tells Angel Rose to fight as well, but she only gets in the way of Angel Sapphire.
However, Angel Sapphire doesn’t fare too well against Mary who employs a clone technique and injures her.

Angel Rose vs Mary

A flail proves to be quite an effective weapon for attacking a wide area

Mary retreats after Angel Rose is able to get the better of her. Once she’s gone, Angel Rose checks that Angel Sapphire is doing all right.


Nothing like a bath after working up a sweat

Meguru says that she wants to be around Sumire because she is a hero. Sumire thinks that Meguru thinks too much of her, but she seems to be warming up to her.

I guess properly introducing Sumire was the next logical step after the first episode, and that’s exactly what happened here. She may seem distant, but it was nice seeing different sides of her. She’s also warming up to Meguru – I suspect eventually she will share her lunch with her.
The magical girl stuff seemed rather incidental in the grand scheme of things – I guess it did set up the meeting between the Twin Angels and Mary, but they really didn’t have too much to say about that matter.
Honestly, I feel that almost nothing would be lost from this episode if the magical girl stuff didn’t happen. I will say, however, that I felt the animation was a bit better than previously – I actually felt that there was a sense of speed to Angel Rose’s flail when she was swinging it around this time.

I thought that this episode was fairly enjoyable. I liked learning more about Sumire, and I’m sure that the friendship between the two Twin Angels will continue to grow.


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