KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 10: Hedgehog Fruit Tart

In my post on last week’s episode, I suggested that KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode is at its best when it is focusing on the five main characters. Episode 10 puts Yukari and Akira in the spotlight, which should mean that it is one of the better episodes. Let’s take a look and find out if that is the case.

Akira & Yukari

KiraPati owes its newfound popularity to the cool Akira and beautiful Yukari

After a rocky start, KiraPati has finally found its feet and gaining popularity – thanks, in no small part, to the presence of both Yukari and Akira. Ichika decides that they should bake something that combines the traits of both Yukari and Akira for the upcoming Strawberry Hill Sweets Festival.

Strawberry Hill Sweets Festival

The Sweets Festival is a major event

Ichika decides that they should make a fruit tart, and send Yukari and Akira out to buy some fruits.
We’re still getting previews of the Dream Stars film in the opening, and I have to say that the scenes we see this time around look pretty great.
Back to the actual episode, Yukari and Akira discover that almost everywhere has sold out of fruits, whilst a group of people show up at KiraPati.


Akira and Yukari’s respective fan clubs

The fan clubs tell Ichika and the others that Yukari and Akira are too good for KiraPati, and thus should stop making them come to the patisserie.
Yukari and Akira are unable to find any fruit, though the latter insists that they should try and think of something to do about that. Yukari is far more relaxed, and they go to a jewellery shop.


Aoi, Ichika and Himari react to the fanclubs.

In the jewellery shop, a younger girl picks out a brooch she wants. The owner suggests that it is too mature for her, and offers more kid-friendly jewellery. However, Yukari steps up and says that the girl will grow into it.

Grow into it

I imagine Yukari knows what she’s talking about when it comes to jewellery

The Yukari and Akira fanclubs continue to put down KiraPati.
After Yukari and Akira leave the jewellery shop, they encounter an old woman who is looking for something.

Missing Emerald.jpg

The emerald fell off the old woman’s ring

Akira gets Yukari to stay with the old woman whilst she goes and searches for the emerald.


Akira searches for the missing emerald

It seems the Yukari and Akira fanclubs don’t really have much to do, as they are still at KiraPati, and yep, they’re still spouting the same nonsense.

Kira-kiraru thief

This week’s foe, who steals kira-kiraru from tarts

Akira is able to find the emerald, and she returns it to the old woman. Whilst Akira sits down for a rest, the old woman calls says that Yukari’s ‘boyfriend’ is quite the keeper. Yukari doesn’t correct her, but she does agree.
The fanclubs finally leave KiraPati, finding Yukari and Akira to tell them that they don’t need to bother with the patisserie any more.


Both Yukari and Akira are taken against their will

Ichika, Aoi and Himari are able to finish making the tart’s base, but it seems that their confidence has been shaken.

Tough tart.jpg

They weren’t able to get it right first time

Yukari and Akira get lectures from their respective fanclubs, effectively telling them that they should stop seeing each other every day – as well as give up on KiraPati. Naturally, neither of them have any intention of doing any such thing.


The 2nd attempt at making a tart base is successful

Of course, it’s about that time for the enemy to put in an appearance, and that’s exactly what happens.

Kirakiraru thief

Right on cue

Ichika, Himari and Aoi transform, and things quickly go south.


Whip, Custard and Gelato don’t fare too well


Reinforcements arrive

Yukari and Akira arrive, and promptly transform. Working together, Macaron and Chocolat bring an end to their foe.

Chocolat and Macaron.jpg

Cure Chocolat and Cure Macaron

After the battle, Akira grabs Yukari’s hand and runs off with her to the next town over in order to secure some fruit.

Holding hands

Yukari tightens her grip on Akira’s hand as they run

Masked person

I’ve been waiting for this person to appear – they’re interested in the Sweets Festival

Yukari and Akira are able to secure some fruits, and this leads to Ichika having her usual flash of inspiration.

Hedgehog Fruit Tart.jpg

Hedgehog fruit tart

Yukari and Akira’s fanclubs show up once more, but once they try some of the fruit tart they start singing the praises of KiraPati. With Yukari and Akira, KiraPati is prepared to participate in the Sweets Festival.

I feel safe in saying that this episode presents further evidence that KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode is at its best when focusing on the main characters. What we effectively got was a Yukari x Akira episode, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing how the interactions between the two of them would play out.
This is easily one of my favourite episodes so far, which shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the involvement of Yukari. Akira was pretty great in this episode as well, to be fair.
I look forward to seeing how the relationship between Yukari and Akira will continue to develop.
Next time, it is the Sweets Festival. It seems that the Cures will gain a new power as well, so I’m looking forward to that.


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