Twin Angels BREAK Episode 1: I Want to be a Hero

It’s a new season of anime, which means I’ll be watching a whole slew of new shows. One of the shows is a magical girl show, and as a fan of the genre, I’ve decided to cover it. It also helps that I enjoyed the first episode, so let’s take a look at what Twin Angels BREAK is like.

Meguru Amatsuki

One of the main characters, Meguru Amatsuki

Meguru is a third-year middle school student, and the show begins with her transferring to St. Cherrine Academy’s middle school. Her grades aren’t too good, and she is useless with gadgets. Her ambition in life is simple: to be a hero.
Meguru finds her way to her new school, where she encounters a fellow student.


Sumire Kisaragi

Meguru is quite enamoured by Sumire’s looks, and she notices that she smells nice, too. To commemorate her arrival at the school, Meguru asks Sumire to take a picture for her. Meguru doesn’t use a smartphone like you might expect, but an instant camera.


Meguru discovers this object at her home

Following on from that, Meguru officially transfers into her new class, and embarrasses herself by trying to catch the attention of Sumire. A few classmates introduce themselves to her afterwards.


From left to right, we have Koromi Ukari, Urara Kotobuki, Chiyori Iin and Yuki Kawarumi

That group of four consists of three girls and one boy – the boy is the most feminine of all of them, apparently. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which – though I will say having Urara be a fortune teller amused me a bit. Meguru tells the others that she wants to be a hero – this seems to catch the attention of Sumire, who speaks up to say that it is not that easy to become a hero. It seems Sumire speaking to someone else is practically unheard of.


Meguru finds Sumire on the roof during lunchtime

Meguru interpreted Sumire’s statement as saying that she would need to work harder to become a hero. After finishing her lunch, Sumire doesn’t stick around to listen to Meguru go on.
Later on, a musician named John Garabushi puts on a performance for the school. Whilst most of the students gather to watch, Meguru is more concerned with finding Sumire.


Meguru can see that something is not right

With something bad happening, it’s about time for the mascot to be introduced proper – there was a brief scene at the beginning, but now we’re getting down to typical magical girl business.


The mascot for this show is Miruku (though I’ve seen the name rendered as ‘Milk’ in some places, but let’s just go with Crunchyroll’s subtitles on this matter)

Miruku tells Meguru that she needs to transform into a Twin Angel in order to fight the enemy, and that is exactly what she does. The transformation sequence is a standard magical girl transformation scene.

Angel Rose.jpg

A dazzling sun in the first rays of dawn’s light, Angel Rose

Miruku tells Angel Rose that she needs to fight John Garabushi, and it is also revealed that there is a second Twin Angel. Seems pretty obvious, considering the ‘twin’ part of the name. Anyway, Angel Rose has a group of enemies to deal with, so she needs a weapon.


What looks like a typical magical girl staff is actually a flail

Whilst she is able to fend of the mooks, she ends up being captured by John. This is when the second Twin Angel shows up.

Angel Sapphire.jpg

The other Twin Angel

The other Twin Angel claims she only showed up so she can defeat the foe who defeated her before. That’s exactly what she does, whilst Angel Rose just sort of watches.
Afterwards, Miruku tells Meguru that the other Twin Angel was Sumire. Sumire tells Meguru that she has no interest in her, but Meguru is determined to become her friend.


The end of the episode gives us a glimpse of the (I assume) antagonists

That’s it for the first episode of Twin Angels BREAK, and I thought it was fairly fun. The animation was a bit iffy at some points – Angel Rose’s flail really didn’t feel like it had much impact when she used it.
Though saying that, I do like that Angel Rose wields a flail in battle. It certainly makes a change from the more standard magical girl weapons.
I also like the music that played when Sumire arrived to save Angel Rose.
All the characters seem fairly decent so far. I’m looking forward to seeing Sumire warm up to Meguru. She is cold and distant at the moment, but that moment where she tried to hide her food from Meguru was pretty cute.
Going by the first episode alone, it seems that Twin Angels BREAK will be a more traditional magical girl experience. I do enjoy the darker takes on the magical girl genre, but sometimes you just need things to be more light-hearted.
Since I found this first episode fairly fun, I’ll continue covering the show on a weekly basis.


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2 Responses to Twin Angels BREAK Episode 1: I Want to be a Hero

  1. OG-Man says:

    So the show can be enjoyed without having seen past installments. Very good. I shall write a combined episodic later.

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