Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 13 (Final): My Light

Well, it’s now time to take a look at the final episode of what has been one of my favourites of the winter season, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. I’ll have a review for the entire series up fairly soon, but for now I’ll just be focusing on episode 13.


Kanna being Kanna

The episode starts with just a pretty typical day – Kanna has plans to go and play with Riko in the park, whilst Miss Kobayashi has the day off. Naturally, Tohru is eager to do her duties as a maid.

Riko's everything

Riko offers Kanna her everything

Whilst Kanna and Riko are spending quality time in the park together, Tohru goes out shopping in order to get the ingredients for omurice – normal ingredients this time around. Whilst she is out, her doubts about spending time with Miss Kobayashi begin to surface.


Tohru’s doubts

Though the doubts are there, Tohru knows what she wants and says as much. That doesn’t really matter when someone arrives – someone that all of the other dragons can feel the presence of.

Tohru's father

Tohru’s father

The Emperor of Demise takes Tohru back to the other world, against her will. When Kanna realises what happened, she is the one who has to go and break the news to Miss Kobayashi.


Miss Kobayashi has a tough time processing the news

Tohru has gone back to the other world, and it seems like she won’t be coming back. All that Miss Kobayashi and Kanna can do is carry on with their lives as normal, but Tohru’s absence affects both of them.


Kanna’s appetite remains, though

Kanna & Riko

Kanna spends a night with Riko

It even seems that the other dragons are affected by Tohru’s return home.
One night, there’s a knock at Miss Kobayashi’s door.


Tohru returns

The reunion doesn’t last long, however, as the Emperor of Demise has followed Tohru. She returned without his permission, and he’s determined to get her back.

Emperor of Demise

The Emperor of Demise tells Tohru that she can’t exist in the human world

Miss Kobayashi watches Tohru and the Emperor of Demise argue, and wonders if she should intervene. She tries to, but the Emperor of Demise is having none of it.


A dragon has no intention of listening to a human

Miss Kobayashi is shaken by the attack, but she still gets back on her feet. She then proceeds to tell Tohru’s father that Tohru is staying no matter what. Tohru is Miss Kobayashi’s maid, and she won’t let anyone take her away.


Tohru is even willing to fight her father for Miss Kobayashi’s sake

Miss Kobayashi’s words enrage the Emperor of Demise, but Tohru defends her. The two dragons decide to relocate, where they begin to fight each other. Miss Kobayashi isn’t about to leave the two of them to it, though.

Kanna & Miss Kobayashi.jpg

Kanna gives Miss Kobayashi a lift to the site of the battle

Once Miss Kobayashi arrives, she puts a halt to their fight and tells the Emperor of Demise that she and Tohru have been living alongside each other for a while now – and, it works because they believe it will. Though Tohru’s father doesn’t approve, he does leave.

Miss Kobayashi & Tohru

Tohru is willing to give Miss Kobayashi everything after what she did – Miss Kobayashi doesn’t need that much

Life goes back to normal for Miss Kobayashi’s, Tohru and Kanna, and she even takes the dragons to visit her parents.

Well, that’s the last episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid I’ll be looking at – for now. Considering I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the manga as I buy new volumes and still have a review to write, this is far from the last time you’ll be seeing Miss Kobayashi, Tohru, Kanna and other others on this blog.
This was a great end for the series, and it did adapt the chapters from the manga I thought I would. Quite a timely purchase of volume 2, huh?
Though saying that, there are some differences – Miss Kobayashi still stood up to Tohru’s father, but he did actually try to attack her afterwards. This resulted in Tohru displaying enough power to intimidate the Emperor of Demise into backing down – I’m kind of sad that we didn’t get to see that display of ferocity from the dragon maid.
Still, Miss Kobayashi was amazing, in both the manga and anime. She’s seen what dragons are capable, yet she still had the guts to tell Tohru’s father that Tohru was hers. This just shows how much the relationship between the pair of them has advanced, and it serves as a suitable climax for the show.
I also enjoyed the little moments we saw between Kanna and Riko – seeing that Kanna kept the shepherd’s purse that Riko offered her was heart-warming. Then there was that scene where Kanna and Riko shared a bed after Tohru returned home…
A great end to a great series. Expect a review for it soon.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    A great show that will be greatly missed. Both super couples delivered and for the time being we can only hope for more Dragon Maid goodness in the future.

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