Rory’s Reviews: Schoolgirl Strikers

Schoolgirl StrikersSchoolgirl Strikers is a Japanese social network game that was released by Square Enix. It received any anime adaptation called Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel (though Crunchyroll just calls it Schoolgirl Strikers).
The anime has 13 episodes, and it was produced by J.C.Staff. The director was Hiroshi Nishikori, whilst scripts were written by Takao Yoshioka. The music for the anime was produced by Mizuto Suzuki and Kengo Tokusashi.
Schoolgirl Strikers aired as part of 2017’s winter season, and is available on Crunchyroll.

Schoolgirl Strikers focuses on a group of students who attend the private high school for girls, Goryoukan Academy. Said students are actually part of a group called ‘Fifth Force’, who are tasked with fighting O’bli – apparitions that appear from a rift in space-time.
Fifth Force is made up of four different teams, with the main focus for the anime being on rookie team Altair Torte.
With four teams consisting of five members each, there are loads of characters. Unfortunately, there isn’t really much to help them stand out – and considering there are 20+ characters, this is quite a problem.

That’s the thing about Schoolgirl Strikers: it doesn’t really stand out. The main protagonist, Tsubame, is pretty much your typical leader-type character, complete with a dose of amnesia. The other members of Altair Torte do have their own quirks, but in the end they are all pretty much forgettable.
Some characters introduced part way through the series are actually a little more interesting, with Odile, the Knight of the Black Mongoose Swan being the best example. Again, she plays a typical role: a powerful foe who the main characters struggle to fight against.
However, what makes Odile particularly noteworthy is her personality – she’s far from the typical cold and aloof villain. Instead, she is awkward when it comes to being social, and incredibly clumsy. Sure, she may be a powerful foe, but she’s only human. Whilst Schoolgirl Strikers is mostly generic, Odile’s character is one of the very few things that stands out about it.

The plot is a mix of slice-of-life elements and fights against O’bli, for the most part. As such, this anime is mostly an episodic affair. Once an episode, you’re practically guaranteed to see a shower scene and a fight against the O’bli. For more fanservice, there is also a swimsuit episode.
There’s very little variation in the design of the O’bli to begin with, and they aren’t the most visually impressive thing to look at. The fights do lead to some half-decent showcases of teamwork, but that’s about all they have going for them.

Schoolgirl Strikers may have some elements that stand out, but they are few and far between – and it’s something of a slog to actually get to them in the first place.

Score: 5/10
If you’re looking to watch an anime that is pretty generic, then Schoolgirl Strikers might just scratch that itch. It’s not overly terrible, but it’s not overly good, either.

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