KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 9: Extraordinary Cookies

Episode 9 of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode features the girls of KiraPati making cookies in order to help a man confess to his childhood friend. That sentence pretty much summed up the entire episode, but let’s take a look through it as usual.

No customers

KiraPati may have opened, but there are no customers

Though the girls managed to get KiraPati off the ground in the previous episode, they are lacking customers. Fortunately, they can change location at the drop of a hat, and try that as a solution for getting more customers.


I don’t think Yukari is a fan of small children

KiraPati is relocated to Strawberry Hill Preschool, where the free samples prove to be quite a hit for the children – perhaps too much.


Tatsumi is on the search for cookies, and happens to keep stumbling upon KiraPati in several different locations

Midori Namakura

A teacher at the preschool, Midori Namakura, happens to be Tatsumi’s childhood friend – and the girl he wants to confess to

Tatsumi comes over all shy when Midori talks to him, eventually choosing just to run off. KiraPati, meanwhile, tries appearing in several different locations with very little success – but it does lead to Tatsumi actually being able to go in the place proper.

Sweet tooth

Tatsumi has quite the sweet tooth

Tatsumi is unable to get the cookies he wants, but is unable to resist the other sweets on offer at KiraPati. After eating his fill, he leaves – however, Ichika is determined to make cookies for his sake after he tells them he wants to confess to Midori.

Kira-kiraru thief.jpg

Tatsumi isn’t the only one on the hunt for cookies

Since the girls can never seem to make anything first try without something going wrong, the first batch of cookies they bake end up sticking together.


I like Yukari’s reaction here

The second batch proves to be more successful, and Ichika even has a flash of inspiration. After finishing the cookies, Tatsumi happens to stumble upon another KiraPati – he accepts the explanation of it being a pop-up store, but never questions why the staff is the same everywhere he goes…
Ichika hands over the cookies to him, and he eagerly goes to confess. However, the cookies are target by a kira-kiraru thief, which means it must about that time again.

Targeting cookies.jpg

Tatsumi thinks this might be a film shoot…

Pretty Cure.jpg

Time for Pretty Cure to intervene

With the aid of Whip and Custard, Cure Gelato goes on the offensive against the thief. However, despite her efforts, Chocolat and Macaron end up having to protect her and pull her from harm’s way respectively.

Gelato & Macaron.jpg

Fellow felines have to look out for each other

Custard and Chocolat launch an attack that blinds the thief, but also causes him to drop the cookies. The battle is brought to an end by a joint attack from Whip and Gelato.
Though the cookies didn’t come out of the battle unscathed, Tatsumi decides to go ahead and try confessing to Midori regardless.


Tatsumi ends up stumbling over his words

Tatsumi manages to confess his love… for cookies. At least Midori feels the same way, I guess. Then KiraPati appears again, and they effectively set up an impromptu date for Tatsumi and Midori.
The two share the cookies, with a panda-themed one that causes them to reminisce back to a school trip to a zoo they went on together.

Customer service success

Customer service, great success!

That wraps up episode 9, which was… er… well, it certainly happened. Will we ever see Tatsumi and Midori again, or was this just a one-off thing? Maho Girls PreCure! had a whole host of interesting side characters, but I’m not getting the same feeling for the ones here.
This particular episode felt more like a filler than anything else. It wasn’t terrible, but it definitely feels more on the forgettable side of things. On the plus side, Yukari has some pretty great reactions throughout, and the fight against the kira-kiraru thief was actually pretty good.
I’m starting to get the sense that KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode is at its best when it is focusing on any of the five main girls – and perhaps Pekorin, as well.
Seems like the next episode has the potential to be an interesting one, particularly with a title like ‘Yukari vs. Akira! The Stormy Shopping Trip!’

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2 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 9: Extraordinary Cookies

  1. OG-Man says:

    It’s surprisingly not as bad as I thought it’d be. Maybe it’s because the person in love is a young adult and not a classmate of the Rangers. While not as good as the previous episode it certainly wasn’t as mediocre as 4.

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