Thoughts on Bleach Volume 29: The Slashing Opera

After taking a look at a couple of other manga series last week, I’ll now be going back to looking at Bleach. Volume twenty-nine is still part of the Arrancar arc, but I’m slowly progressing through it.
This volume contains nine chapters, starting with two hundred and fifty-two and running through to two hundred and sixty.

Bleach Volume 29 The Slashing Opera

Endlessly adorned
Knowing it will be cut off,

Endlessly polished
Knowing they will be cut off,

They are terrifying, terrifying
In their fall.

The hair flutters to the ground
A lifeless husk.

Hair and fingernails
Are beautiful ornaments.
So why do they seem so baleful
When removed?
The answer is simple.
They are
Previews of what is to come, of death.

Ichigo and his friends knew that invading Hueco Mundo wouldn’t be easy, but even the lesser Arrancars are pushing them to their limits! Can Ichigo, Uryû and Chad find the inner strength to overcome the first line of attack, or will Orihime be stuck in Hueco Mundo forever?!

The volume begins with chapter 252, ‘REBUT TO THE BARON’S LECTURE’, which shows Dondochakka catching up to Renji.
Ichigo’s fight against Dordoni continues, and it doesn’t go very well. Nel intervenes, but Dordoni targets her – however, this pushes Ichigo to finally release his bankai.

Though Ichigo has used bankai, Dordoni is still eager to see the full extent of his power in chapter 253, ‘Don’t Call Me Niño’. In order to provoke Ichigo into using Hollowfication, Dordoni tries to attack Nel. In the end, Ichigo agrees to Hollowfy, bringing the fight to a swift end.

Nel heals Dordoni in chapter 254, ‘Leave the Chocolate Here’, which leads to him trying to attack Ichigo once again – he doesn’t get very far with his injuries. Ichigo moves on, whilst the Exequias come for Dordoni. Elsewhere, both Chad and Uryû are fighting their own battles.

The report of Dordoni’s defeat reaches Aizen in chapter 255, ‘DON’T BREATHE IN THE BUSH’, and it is revealed that Szayelaporro was the one who dispatched the Exequias.
Uryû fights against a female Arrancar named Cirucci.

Dondochakka realises that Pesche has also disappeared in chapter 256, ‘Infinite Slick’, leaving him alone with Renji.
Pesche ends up in the same place where Uryû is fighting Cirucci. She spots him, and he gets dragged into the fight. Pesche has a technique that he calls ‘Infinite Slick’ that he covers the battlefield in, causing Cirucci to slip – this angers her enough to make her release her zanpaku-tô, Golondrina. With that, she reveals she is Arrancar No. 105, Cirucci Sanderwicci.

Uryû devises a plan to fight Cirucci in chapter 257, ‘The Slashing Opera’, which relies on Pesche’s Infinite Slick – unfortunately, the technique doesn’t live up to its name. Uryû analyses his foe as he fights, determining how she uses her abilities. He ends up pulling out a new weapon.

Chapter 258, ‘Seeleschneider’, takes its name from the only Quincy weapon that has a blade – and that’s the very weapon Uryû pulls out against Cirucci. Whilst the seeleschneider proves to be an effective counter against Cirucci’s released from, she still has an ace up her sleeve. Cirucci also explains that an Arrancar’s released state is called resurrección.
Cirruci puts her all into a final attack, though Uryû is prepared for that.

Uryû and Pesche move on in chapter 259, ‘Flicker Flames’, whilst the Exequias arrive for Cirucci.
The focus then switches over to Chad, who is fighting Arrancar No. 107, Gantenbainne Mosqueda. Chad struggles against his opponent, though Gantenbainne believes Chad isn’t using his full power. This was unintentional on Chad’s part, but he soon awakens Brazo Derecho del Gigante.

Chad realises that his power isn’t like a Soul Reaper’s or a Quincy’s in chapter 260, ‘RIGHT ARM OF THE GIANT2’. It is closer to that of a Hollow’s. With his right arm’s true power awakened, Chad begins to overwhelm Gantenbainne. This leads to Gantebainne using his resurreción, Dragra.
Turns out Chad has a response for that – whilst his right arm is for defence, he unlocked an offensive power for his left arm during his training – Brazo Izquierda del Diablo.

At the end of the volume, there’s a bonus ‘Bleach on the Beach‘ comic, as well as concept sketches for the Forest of Menos story arc that Tite Kubo couldn’t get into the manga due to timing issues – though it made it into the anime.

This volume is a more action-oriented one, with three of the five Hueco Mundo invaders having to fight Privaron Espadas. We get some silly moments courtesy of Pesche and Dondochakka as well.
I’d probably have to say that Uyrû’s fight against Cirucci is my favourite of the Privaron Espada fights, simply because Uryû spends the battle analysing his opponent and coming up with strategies to counter Cirucci’s abilities.
Chad also manages to be relevant again, but that will be short-lived… at least his power developed, I guess. Talking of Chad’s power, a future arc has a lot more to reveal about that.
This volume was pretty all right – we got some decent fight scenes, and we witnessed the growth of both Chad and Uryû.


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