Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 12: I Would Have a Choice

Episode 12 gives us a glimpse into the past of both Miss Kobayashi and Tohru. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the penultimate episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid offers us.


Tohru has an idea as to what they should have for dinner

This episode begins with Tohru asking Miss Kobayashi what she wants for dinner. Miss Kobayashi just leaves it up to Tohru – not without shooting down her first idea, though. Tohru decides to go with omurice. Once Miss Kobayashi and Kanna have gone out, Tohru tends to her cleaning duties. After that, she tries making some omurice but can only make it average at best.


Lucoa drops by, wearing a less revealing outfit

Lucoa suggests that Tohru should try using good quality ingredients to make a good quality dish. Once Lucoa leaves, Tohru takes her advice and heads out to do some shopping. Too bad the high quality ingredients are out of her budget, though. As such, she resorts to plan B.


Kanna returns home from school

Other world ingredients

Tohru’s plan B: ingredients from the other world

Whilst she got some exotic ingredients from the other world, Tohru decides that it will be best to stick with rice and vegetables from the human world – after all, they are produced with magic called ‘selective breeding’.

Shouta & Lucoa

This segment with Shouta & Lucoa is actually quite good

Hey, look, Lucoa doesn’t need to rely on fanservice to give us an enjoyable scene.
Following on from that, Miss Kobayashi falls asleep on the train home and through her dream we are able to witness her first ever encounter with Tohru.


Drunk Miss Kobayashi is a lot of fun

I love how drunk Miss Kobayashi’s first reaction upon seeing a dragon is to give it a hug. What we see her is the first meeting between Tohru and Miss Kobayashi. Tohru has a huge sword sticking out of her, and is about ready to die. Miss Kobayashi, however, is all too willing to lend her a hand.

Saving Tohru

Drunk Miss Kobayashi also possesses incredible strength

Miss Kobayashi removes the sword from Tohru’s body, and then decides that the pair of them should drink together. She cares very little for hearing how Tohru came to be in the state she is in. With not much else to do, Tohru takes her up on her offer.

Human Tohru

Tohru takes on her human form, though she doesn’t like it

Tohru and Miss Kobayashi then get drunk together, and Tohru even gives Miss Kobayashi to ‘fondle her tits’, as she puts it. Whether it stopped there or went further than that… well, I think that’s something best left up to the viewer’s imagination.
Miss Kobayashi then goes on to extend the invitation for Tohru to become her maid, and we all know what happened after that.
Miss Kobayashi wakes from her dream, and heads back home where she finds Tohru and Kanna have prepared dinner for her.


The omurice is a hit, but Miss Kobayashi is too distracted by the exotic ingredients to tell Tohru that


Kanna continues to be just as brilliant as ever

Miss Kobayashi becomes curious about Tohru’s past, and asks her if there were ever any other humans she associated with before. Turns out there was one.

Bandit girl

Bandit girl

When Tohru settled in the ruins of a village, she met a bandit girl. Tohru threatens to kill the bandit, but ultimately is unable to bring herself to do so. Instead, she puts up with her. When the bandit brings up the subject of freedom, Tohru asks what she would do if she was free. The bandit dreamt of being a maid. Tohru and the bandit part ways after a conversation.
Back in the present day, Miss Kobayashi suggests that the bandit girl may have had something to do with Tohru being a maid now. Tohru also wonders if the bandit is still alive.


Looks like she is doing just fine



After quickly checking in with Elma who notes who well she has blended into the human world, the episode ends with this visual:


Seems like things will taken an interesting turn…

For some reason, I thought that this was going to be the last episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Turns out that’s not the case at all, which makes me very happy because having read volume 2 of the manga, there is something that I really want to see animated. It seems very likely that is exactly what we’ll get in episode 13.

But for now, let’s focus on episode 12. It was great seeing events from the pasts of both Miss Kobayashi and Tohru that shaped them into the characters they are in the present day. In particular, it’s pretty amazing to see how much of an impact Miss Kobayashi has had on Tohru’s life.
Watching Miss Kobayashi and Tohru get drunk together was another highlight – their laughter was particularly infectious.
Whilst the flashbacks were certainly a highlight of this episode, I also enjoyed all of the small segments showing the how the other dragons have become more accustomed to the human world – even the one with Lucoa and Shouta.
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is as enjoyable as ever, and I am hyped for the final episode. If it adapts the chapters I think it will, then we are in for quite the spectacle.

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