KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 8: First Customer

Episode 8 of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode features the grand opening of the Kirakira Patisserie… or it would, if the girls can get their act together.

Smells like failure

Preparations for opening a shop do not start well

Turns out that Ichika is still lacking in cooking experience, resulting in the scene shown above. She manages to cover the entirety of the sweets workshop in soot marks, though Yukari manages to slip away to avoid getting the smell in her hair. Despite the setback, Ichika is determined to open the shop.


Chourou takes on a human form to serve as supervisor for the shop

Chourou leads the girls down a hidden staircase to beneath the shop, where an important item is located.

Kira-kiraru pot.jpg

The Kira-kiraru Pot

The Kira-kiraru pot can produce kira-kiraru, which the girls can then shape into whatever they want – the same principle applies for their powers as Pretty Cure. With that, Aoi gets to work making tables, whilst Chourou suggests that Akira should play the role of garçon. Himari volunteers to go shopping for ingredients.


Turns out that Yukari is quite adept at manipulating kira-kiraru

Ichika decides she should start cooking, because they’ll need something to display after all. It seems like everyone has a role to play, but life is never that easy.


Things really don’t go well

The only person who seems to be doing just fine is Yukari. She never said anything about wanting to open a store, and she also points out that nobody has stated their individual views on it.


A young lass named Emiru stumbles upon the shop

Ichika is eager to please their first customer, who ventured inside in order to get some sweets to share with her friends when she visits them for tea. Emiru is unsure what she should bring, because her friends have different tastes. Ichika promises to come up with something for her.

Lack of inspiration

Ichika fails to have her usual flash of inspiration

When the girls go home, Akira suggests that she and Himari go shopping together. Yukari also has some advice for Aoi, and they put that into action the next day.


The place starts to take shape

With their combined efforts, the Kirakira Patisserie starts to come together nicely – and this also serves as Ichika’s flash of inspiration, with all five girls together as one.


Ichika decides to make a variety of familiar-looking sweets

Emiru is grateful for the sweets, though that’s short-lived with the arrival of the Kira-kiraru thief, Spongeen. He devours the kira-kiraru from the sweets, leaving the girls to pursue him – after they they tell Emiru that the sweets will turn back to normal.


Our kira-kiraru thief for this week, Spongeen

5 Cures

The girls transform in order to fight against Spongeen

The battle goes pretty much as you’d expect, with the Cures working together to overcome their foe. The kira-kiraru is restored to Emiru’s sweets, and the girls return to the Kirakira Patisserie, which now has a sign up. They also gain new uniforms.

KiraPati uniforms

The girls wearing their KiraPati uniforms

All the girls are happy to help out at KiraPati, though Himari, Aoi and Akira all have other commitments as well. The episode ends with KiraPati’s first group of customers, led there by Emiru.

I found this episode to be fairly enjoyable. We got some silliness as the girls prepared for KiraPati’s opening, but it was pretty good seeing KiraPati go from a mess to an actual patisserie.
Yukari was pretty great throughout the episode, though I’m probably going to think that about her for most of the series. The others all had their moments as well, though.
So far, it’s looking like episode 4 was an outlier in terms of quality. If we get more episodes like this one, then I’ll be happy.

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1 Response to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 8: First Customer

  1. OG-Man says:

    This episode made me very happy watching. There were so many cute and silly moments. Also this could have been the first sign that there is much more to YukaAki’s relationship than simply high school buddies…but we already suspected that before the show even premiered.

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