Gabriel DropOut Episode 11: The Perfect High-Tech Wave

Gabriel DropOut‘s 11th episode shows us Satania adopting a new familiar, and Tapris visiting the human world again.

Satania's new familiar

Satania rescues the melon bread eating dog

Satania decides to adopt the dog that keeps stealing her melon bread, after seeing that it willl be taken to a pound. You know, despite never haven shown any affection towards the dog, and always being its victim. She may rescue the dog, but it turns out that nobody has anywhere that the dog is allowed to stay.

Wanderer Satania.jpg

Satania ends up in Hokkaido

When Satania disappears, Vigne and Raphiel go after her, whilst Gabriel takes care of something else. Turns out Gabriel discovered who owns the apartment complex that Satania lives in, and is able to pull a few strings to allow pets there.


Tapris visits the human world once more

Tapris decides to visit Gabriel during a vacation, and takes the opportunity to learn more about the human world whilst she is there. This includes learning how to use a PC, as she is convinced she can save Gabriel by doing so.


Tapris has no clue where to start

Not even the books dedicated to helping beginners use computers prove to be any help to Tapris, though she does give it her best shot.


The girls gather to have a takoyaki party

Gabriel and Tapris’s attempts at making takoyaki don’t go very well, so naturally it soon falls to Vigne to sort out the takoyaki. Despite being short a visitor, the girls go on ahead with the party. Their last visitor soon shows up, fashionably late.

Satania appears

The guest of honour arrives fashionably late

Satania also brings a ‘Darkness Pot’ along with her, but everyone else pretty much just refuses to use it. At the end of the day, Tapris thanks everyone for the party. Oh, and she also says that Gabriel’s older sister will be arriving in the morning. Judging by Gabriel’s reaction, that’s going to be quite good.

I find Satania to be one of the better characters in this show, but I really didn’t enjoy the first section of this particular episode. I have no idea why Satania would choose to adopt that dog when it has only ever caused her trouble, and let’s not forget that she already has a superior familiar, presumably waiting for her in Hell.
I would not have been sad to see that dog go, but alas, it remains.

Fortunately, I really liked the segment with Tapris trying to come to grips with a computer and the internet. I found the whole library segment quite funny, and Tapris made some quite cute noises when she was startled. This part was easily the highlight of the episode.

The takoyaki party was better than the Satania and the dog segment, but it doesn’t really stand out on its own. It was pretty typical Gabriel DropOut stuff, and not much else.
I find it weird that nothing came of Gabriel and Raphiel agreeing to help Satania sneak into Heaven at the end of the previous episode – at the time, it felt like a cliffhanger. Yet when this episode began, the girls were back in school which came as a rather abrupt transition.

I’m assuming that we will actually see Gabriel’s sister enxt time, and the next episode won’t completely ignore what happened at the end of this one. I’m actually quite looking forward to that.
I’ll probably just post a review for Gabriel DropOut next week once the show has finished, unless I feel that Gabriel’s older sister makes the last episode worth covering.

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