KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 7: Sweets Workshop of Strawberry Mountain

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode‘s entire team has been assembled as of last episode, so with their introductions done, the 7th episode reveals a bit more about the fairy mascot Pekorin.

Lively kitchen

Seeing the girls being lively causes Chourou to reminisce

Turns out Yukari does know Akira, as they go to the same school. As such, she was aware from the beginning of Akira’s gender leading to Ichika become flustered as seen above. Anyways, in this episode, Ichika tries making doughnuts.

Attempted doughnuts

Ichika still hasn’t quite got the hang of this baking thing

Chourou decides to tell the girls about the Sweets Workshop of Strawberry Mountain, which was where he and Pekorin were based before the explosion the girls witnessed back in the first episode.

Strawberry Mountain

Turns out Pekorin wasn’t very good at the baking thing, either

Though Pekorin was prone to mistakes, her friends encouraged her to try her best. Of course, their baking produced a lot of kira-kiraru, which drew the attention of the kira-kiraru thieves.

Kira-kiraru thieves

The kira-kiraru thieves

Chourou tried to fend them off, and the result was the aforementioned explosion – Pekorin’s friends were scattered, and Chourou died lost his physical body.


Pekorin takes off after reliving those painful memories

Ichika chases after Pekorin, and she ends up stumbling upon an empty space that may or may not have some significance later on… Himari and Aoi catch up with Ichika and tell her that they’ve found Pekorin.

Ichika's plan

Ichika has a plan for cheering Pekorin up

Ichika attempts to make doughnuts again, though this time on her own. She loudly laments that she can’t do it without Pekorin, and is eventually able to persuade Pekorin to bake with her. Ichika prepares the doughnuts whilst chanting her magic words – that particular section starts to get incredibly repetitive… She is able to successfully make doughnuts this time around, and she is struck with a flash of inspiration.

Pekorin doughnut

Pekorin doughnut

Ichika’s mission to cheer Pekorin up is a success, and Pekorin even wants to decorate the other doughnuts.


Decorated doughnuts

With the doughnuts decorated, Pekorin takes Ichika to the place where the Strawberry Mountain Sweets Workshop was once located. The kira-kiraru from the doughnuts seems to resonate with the place, allowing Ichika to see a glimpse of the past.

Vision of the past

A vision of the sweets workshop

Of course, the kira-kiraru from the doughnuts doesn’t go unnoticed, and Ichika and Pekorin soon find themselves with company.

Kira-kiraru thief

A kira-kiraru thief appears

It isn’t until the thief goes after Pekorin’s doughnut that Ichika transforms. Cure Whip tries to fight the foe, but she is overwhelmed when he splits into four. Fortunately, some reinforcements arrive.

Whip and friends

The cavalry arrives

Himari, Aoi, Yukari and Akira transform together and confront the kira-kiraru thief.

KiraKira Cures

All five Cures

Whip, Custard, Gelato, Macaron and Chocolat make quick work of their foe, and return to their sweets workshop shortly afterwards. Ichika decides that they should open a store where everyone can make and enjoy sweets together. She even comes up with a name for it.KiraKira Patisserie
That brings episode 7 to an end, and I’m glad to see that it was much better than episode 4. Admittedly not my favourite episode so far (it’s going to take quite a bit to beat Cure Macaron’s debut), but I did enjoy it.
I liked learning a little more about Pekorin and Chourou, as well as their previous sweets workshop. As far as mascots go, Pekorin isn’t terrible. Chourou seems pretty all right as well.
It seems that the Pekorin and the others were based in human world, considering how easy it was for Ichika to get to the sight of the destroyed Strawberry Mountain sweets workshop. That’s pretty unusual, though I guess there’s been nothing to say that they didn’t originate from some other place.
I really want to know more about Yukari and Akira – they know each other, but were they friends before, or what? The two of them attending the same high school is only mentioned in passing, but I would certainly love to know more about my favourite Cure from this season.
A fairly enjoyable episode, even it it’s not the strongest we’ve had. Next time, it’s the grand opening of the Kirakira Patisserie… or not.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    There’s plenty of time before we get a Yukari, Akira or even a YukaKira (hehe) episode. Let us patiently await it and then welcome it with open arms.

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