Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 10: Reliable Friends

The middle of March seems like a good time for a Christmas episode… or that’s what Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid seems to think, at least. Turns out the dragons have quite a show to put on, too.



Whilst out shopping with Kanna, Tohru is asked if she could do something to entertain the people at an old folks’ home. Tohru agrees, though Miss Kobayashi is unable to help out due to work. However, Tohru does have a group of reliable friends she can count on.

Tohru's friends

Tohru’s reliable friends

The dragons, Riko and Shouta then discuss what they should do in order to entertain the elderly residents of the home. Elma suggest an eating contest, whilst Kanna is keen on a race. Fafnir even has a suggestion, too.


Fafnir suggests playing a VR FPS

The dragons’ ideas are shot down. Riko then suggests that they put on a play, and that’s the decision they go with. Riko even suggests performing The Little Match Girl. Of course, the dragons are unfamiliar with the play, so Riko explains it to them.

Kanna & Riko

Kanna is impressed by Riko’s knowledge

With the play decided on, everyone starts trying to work out who should perform which role. Fafnir is initially chosen as director since he can’t act, but that doesn’t really work out.


The auditions for the role of the match girl don’t go so well

Since nobody can really get a grasp on Fafnir’s directing policy, they decide to trial Lucoa as the director.

Crossdressing Shouta

Lucoa tries out Shouta in the role of match girl

Though he looks the part, Shouta becomes too embarrassed to play the role. Elma then volunteers for the role of director, convinced that she can do a better job then both Fafnir and Lucoa. With that, they then decide on a lead for their play.

Match Girl Kanna

Kanna gets the lead role


Riko seems to like the decision to have Kanna in the lead role

When Miss Kobayashi returns home, she promises to go and watch the play after learning that Kanna is their lead. Fafnir also rings up with some suggestions for the play, though Tohru quickly hangs up on him.

Director Elma

Director Elma has her work cut out for her

Tohru and the other dragons suggest that they should make the play more fun, perhaps by mixing in some other folklore tales. Fafnir’s suggestion in particular is my favourite.

Magical Girl Kanna.jpg

Magical girl Kanna

I would totally watch a spin-off featuring Kanna as a magical girl. Anyways, the day of the play arrives and Miss Kobayashi and Makoto make it just before it begins. It’s quite the play that the dragons (and Riko and Shouta) put on.

Magical girls.jpg

Magical girls Kanna and Shouta

Tohru and Elma

Tohru and Elma don’t hold back

Miss Kobayashi is about ready to stop them, but the old folk enjoy it. They do seem to think they’re seeing CGI, even though I imagine Tohru’s flames probably produce quite some heat.

After the play

Celebrating a successful play

Makoto suggests that they go and have an after-party, and that’s exactly what they all do. Miss Kobayashi ends up falling asleep, so the others decide to continue the party at their own respective homes. Since it is Christmas, Miss Kobayashi has a request for Tohru.

Night Flight

Miss Kobayashi and Tohru go for a night-time flight

Whilst they are flying, they exchange gifts. Tohru is particularly ecstatic to receive a scarf from her beloved.

A gift for Kanna

Kanna eagerly awaits Santa

Finally, the short segments throughout the show were dedicated to Kanna eagerly anticipating the arrival of Father Christmas – which involved a slight renovation of their home to give it a chimney. Miss Kobayashi’s attempt to sneak a present to Kanna hit a snag courtesy of a squeaky floorboard, leading to the situation seen above.

I’m fairly certain I feel this way about every episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, but this was yet another great one. It was nice actually seeing the entire cast together, even if Miss Kobayashi and Makoto were only part of the audience.
I loved the dragons’ play, and certainly wouldn’t say no to seeing more magical girl Kanna. Everything involving the play got a good old laugh out of me, and the humour continues to be as spot on as ever.
It wasn’t just the play either – Kanna’s excitement for Christmas was great.
Naturally, it wouldn’t be an episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid without something heart-warming happening, and that comes in the form of Miss Kobayashi’s and Tohru’s night-time flight. I adore that look of happiness on Tohru’s face when she receives her gift.
Week after week, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid always consistently remains a highlight for me. It may be early, but this show is potentially anime of the year for me.

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3 Responses to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 10: Reliable Friends

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Merry Christmas!

  2. OG-Man says:

    Kanna is a gift from the yuri heavens for Riko and all of us watching this show.

    Tohru and Miss Kobayashi’s night out was wonderful.

    Elma’s still a sexy office lady.

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