Gabriel DropOut Episode 10: Elite Familiar

The 10th episode of Gabriel DropOut gives us a glimpse at the families and homes of our main quartet of angels and demons.

Gabriel and Haniel play

Gabriel plays with her little sister Haniel

Gabriel’s plan upon returning home is to just laze around do nothing, but her younger sister, Haniel, has other ideas. Though she would prefer to just sleep for the rest of the day, Gabriel decides to play with Haniel instead.

Satania's parents.jpg

Satania’s parents

Satania's brother

Satania’s brother

When we check in on Satania’s home, we discover that she takes after her parents. Satania’s brother, however, finds his family weird and can’t wait until he’s old enough to move out.

A toast

Satania and her parents toast with human blood tomato juice

As Vigne makes her way home, she remembers that she discovered an injured baby monster whilst hiking with her parents.

Vigne's parents

Vigne’s parents

Vigne decided to name the monster Chappy, and her parents took it in whilst she visited the human world. Vigne has quite a surprise waiting for her when she returns home.


Chappy had quite the growth spurt whilst Vigne was away

Vigne takes Chappy out for a walk, though it would be more accurate to say that Chappy is the one who walks Vigne. Whilst they are out, they happen upon Satania and her familiar.

Satania and Alexander

Satania with her familiar, Alexander


Martiel greets Raphiel when she returns home

It seems that Martiel is a loyal servant of the Shiraha family, and she is happy to see Raphiel back once more. Not as happy as receiving a scornful look from her after saying she wants to get hold of Raphiel’s ‘warm, freshly stripped underthings’, though…

Martiel peeks

Martiel wanted to sear Raphiel’s smooth porcelain skin and the roundness of her bottom and bosom into her memory

Raphiel threatens to report her to the authorities, and then pushes Martiel away from the window.

School prinicipal

Gabriel and Raphiel report on their time in the human world to the angel school’s principal

Raphiel says something about how she discovered how humans emotions can change during different situations, whereas Gabriel claims to have saved two countries. I mean, technically, she’s not wrong, but said countries only exist in a virtual world… regardless, both angels get positive results from their reports.

Staring contest.jpg

Gabriel and Raphiel try to stave off boredom

The last part of this episode shows Gabriel and Raphiel just trying to pass the time, when the latter receives a phone call from Satania. Satania wants to know how to sneak into Heaven, and it seems that both angels are eager to help her out.

The Master Moves!.jpg

Gabriel wants to help Satania out as she is a friend… or that’s what she says, at least.

I quite enjoyed this episode. The four main characters interacting with their families gave us some pretty fun moments. I am a fan of Satania’s, but I have to say that I found myself enjoying Gabriel’s and Vignette’s sections the most. Satania and Raphiel had some fun moments as well, that much I’ll hold my hands up to.
If I had to choose between the two, I’d pick Alexander over Chappy every time. Alexander may only be small, but he’s certainly obedient and a lot easier to control than Chappy.
I’m guessing next time we’ll discover what Gabriel and Raphiel’s intentions of helping Satania sneak into Heaven are. Nothing good, I bet…

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