KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 6: Chocolate Dog

With the 6th episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, we are introduced to the final member of the team. This particular character made quite an impression on Ichika.

Akira holds Ichika

Ichika falls for Akira

The episode starts with a lovestruck Ichika, and the person she has fallen in love with is none other than Akira Kenjou. Ichika believes Akira to be a boy, but we all know that isn’t the case.

Ichika's burning passion

Ichika’s burning passion

Ichika ends up being out-of-sorts, leading to the other girls to deduce that she must be in love with Akira. They all go to Ichika’s home, where Ichika reveals the name of the ‘boy’ she has a crush on: Akira Kenjou. It seems that Yukari may be familiar with that name…

Ichika and Akira

Ichika and Akira go to a shop to pick up some chocolate together

Himari, Aoi and Yukari decide to let Ichika and Akira have some alone time together. Akira is looking for a place to buy chocolates, so Himari recommends a shop and then leaves with the other girls so Ichika can take her there. Once they arrive and Akira picks out some chocolates, she also allows Ichika to pick something out as thanks for showing her to the place.

Heart-shaped box

Ichika chooses this in a panic

Ichika is surprised to discover that Akira bought the chocolates for a girl named Miku. She is relieved to discover that Miku is Akira’s younger sister. Turns out Miku is stuck in the hospital, and Akira’s parents moved to be closer to her. Akira, meanwhile, stays with her grandmother as she is close to her high school.

Chocolate thief

A kira-kiraru thief appears

Ichika gets Akira to run for it, whilst she transforms into Cure Whip. Despite her best efforts, Whip is unable to stop the thief from getting away with the chocolates for Miku.

Remaking chocolate

Miku’s chocolates may have been stolen, but Ichika still has hers

With the kira-kiraru stolen from all of the chocolate in the shops, Ichika decides to use the stuff that Akira bought for her in order to make something for Miku. She brings Akira to the sweets workshop, and has a flash of inspiration.

Chocolate Dog.jpg

Inspired by Akira, Ichika makes a chocolate dog

When Akira calls Ichika’s creation ‘cute’ rather than ‘cool’, both Himari and Aoi seem to realise something about her… Once they are finished making the chocolates, Akira takes off to go to the hospital to visit her little sister. However, the concentration of kira-kiraru attracts the kira-kiraru thief once more.

3 Cure protect Akira.jpg

Cure Whip, Cure Custard and Cure Gelato appear to protect Akira

Cure Macaron

Cure Macaron joins the fray

During the fight, Cure Whip takes a hit and ends up reverting back to Ichika in front of Akira. Akira resolves to protect the chocolates, and those feelings resonate with the kira-kiraru.

Cure Chocolat.jpg

Akira transforms into Cure Chocolat

Cure Chocolat gets Ichika out of harm’s way, and promises that she will protect her and the chocolates.

Chocolat saves Ichika.jpg

Once again Ichika finds herself in the arms of Akira

With her keen sense of smell, Cure Chocolat is able to overcome the foe and claim victory.

Ichika discovers Akira is a girl

Ichika’s reaction upon discovering that Akira is a girl

The episode ends with Ichika trying to ask Akira out on a date, only to be interrupted by her father. Ichika’s father reveals that Akira is a girl, which Ichika somehow never managed to pick up on…

Another strong introduction for a character, and as such I enjoyed this episode. Perhaps they went down the obvious route with Ichika’s crush on Akira, but I had no problems with it. I think it would be great if Ichika’s crush remains, but since this is PreCure, I doubt that will be the case…
This episode did make Ichika look somewhat dense, though, what with her failing to realise that Akira is a girl. I get the feeling that Yukari is already familiar with her (I don’t recall whether promotional materials said anything about this, but it’s almost certain the two of them go to the same school), though we didn’t really see much interaction between the pair of them.
I recall reading something somewhere that compared Yukari and Akira and Sailor Moon‘s Michiru and Haruka. I don’t expect anything near the level of their relationship in PreCure, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to that particular ship, either.
I am curious about Yukari’s whereabouts for part of the episode – she just sort of disappeared for a while with no explanation, and then showed up to aid in combat against the kira-kiraru thief.

That completes the introductions for the five Cures for this season, and they were all fairly enjoyable. Being a cat person, I enjoyed Cure Macaron’s debut the most, and Cure Gelato is a close second. The other three were all about the same level of enjoyment for me. KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode has been off to a fairly decent start, with the exception of episode 4 – let’s just hope that one is an outlier.
With all the Cures introduced, it only makes sense for attention to be turned to the mascot character. That’s exactly the case for the next episode, which focuses on Pekorin. I just hope episode 4 isn’t indicative of what the rest of the series has in store now that the whole team has been assembled…

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  1. OG-Man says:

    In the end the fifth Ranger is a dog and not a wolf or fox. Cool. Like you I too hope the rest of the show will have more ups and less episode 4s.

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