Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 9: Defeat Hades

Miss Kobayash’s Dragon Maid‘s 9th episode is another one that focuses on Kanna. More specifically, the focus is on Kanna and her classmates as they participate in a sports festival.

We begin with Kanna’s teacher telling her class about the sports festival. Being a dragon, Kanna is unfamiliar with what that is, so Riko fills her in. Riko goes over the different events, and also mentions that parents come to cheer their kids on.

Take a day off

Miss Kobayashi has work on the day of the sports festival

Kanna views Miss Kobayashi as a mother, whereas she sees Tohru more as a big sister. As such, Kanna is very keen to have Miss Kobayashi go to the sports festival. Tohru says that Kanna’s parents just gave her free reign, and she ended up pulling pranks in attempt to get their attention. Her pranks are the reason she is in the human world now.

At work

Miss Kobayashi and Makoto discuss the sports festival

Whilst Miss Kobayashi is at work, Kanna gets Tohru to use her perception blocking magic on her. Invisible to the humans, Kanna observes Miss Kobayashi at work.

Pure dragon

Kanna’s purity shines brilliantly

Miss Kobayashi reaches a decision after this, and she tells Tohru that she will be getting home from work later. Makoto even volunteers to help her out, though that does mean that Miss Kobayashi has to pay the next time they go out drinking. As a result of this, Miss Kobayashi is able to go to the sports festival.

Grateful Kanna

Kanna is ecstatic


Elma may not play a role in the overall plot of this episode, but we do get to see her shopping

The day of the sports festival arrives, and Miss Kobayashi and Tohru are there to cheer Kanna on. Shouta also happens to go to the same school, so Lucoa shows up to cheer him on.

3-legged race

Kanna and Riko’s first event is the three-legged race

Unfortunately, Riko’s happiness at being pressed up against her beloved costs them the race. At least Riko enjoyed herself.


Miss Kobayashi, Tohru and Kanna eat lunch together

After lunch, the sports resume. Kanna is determined to take first place.

Jump rope

Kanna’s class wins the jump rope competition

Tug o war victory

The victory in tug o’ war may have come about thanks to Riko

Riko caught scent of Kanna’s hair, and you can see her reaction to that above. There are all sorts of other events, with the last one being the relay. Kanna’s class are second overall at this point. Winning the relay will put them in first. Riko is the third runner for her class, whilst Kanna is the anchor.

Dropped baton

Riko displays some impressive speed, but ends up dropping the baton

I guess it’s lucky that dropping the baton doesn’t result in disqualification. The other runners pass Riko whilst she recovers the baton, so she has to try and catch up.

Kanna runs

Kanna races past the other competitors.

A tearful Riko passed the baton to Kanna and apologises. Kanna just says to leave it to her, and she makes good on that promise.


Kanna crosses the line in first place

Kanna’s classmates gather around to congratulate her, with the exception of Riko. She goes to walk off, but Kanna tells her that their victory came about due to her closing the gap as much as she did.

Kanna licks Riko

Kanna comforts Riko

End of the day

Kanna thanks Miss Kobayashi for coming, and Tohru for the lunch

Kanna enjoyed working together with her class to earn victory. Tohru says about not being able to go all out, so she, Kanna and Lucoa go somewhere to do just that. Miss Kobayashi is left reflecting on how she’s changed – particularly as she attended a sports festival as Kanna’s guardian.

Yet another great episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, though I could have really done without the jokes about Lucoa’s absurd boobs. Everything else was just as good as ever, particularly with Kanna being in the spotlight.
There’s no denying that Kanna was the star of the show for this episode, but Miss Kobayashi had some great moments too – working extra hard so she could go watch Kanna at the sports festival, and her reflection on how she’s changed being the standout examples.
Also nice to see the relationship between Kanna and Riko is still the same as it ever was. I am surprised that Riko didn’t have her typical overreaction to being licked by Kanna, but we did get plenty of that from earlier scenes.
This episode provides yet another example of why this show is my favourite of this season.

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1 Response to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 9: Defeat Hades

  1. OG-Man says:

    Kanna continues being a walking nuclear bomb of cuteness. Glad to see Riko’s long reflection period paid off big time. Let’s continue cheering the little lovebirds on.

    Miss Kobayashi also had a fun time.

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