Gabriel DropOut Episode 9: Play Angel Portable

The beginning of March seems like a fitting time to have a Christmas/New Year’s episode… well, that’s what Gabriel DropOut seems to believe, at least.

Vignettea and Raphiel prepare to celebrate Christmas, and even persuade Satania to do the same.


Satania was supposed to wear the Santa outfit

Still, Vigne remains determined to celebrate Christmas no matter what, and she invites Gabriel over to join them.


At least Gabriel enjoys the food

Turns out Vigne can actually be quite demonic, particularly when anybody tries to prevent her from celebrating Christmas. Moving on, the girls go for a shrine visit for the new year.

Yukata Satania

Satania shows up wearing a yukata, though she believes it is a kimono

After Satania gets some warmer clothes, the girls go the shrine together. Whilst there, they are offered a drink of amazake each.


Gabriel gets drunk on amazake

Gabriel ends up causing quite a stir, though it seems she stops just short of bringing the world to its end. The following segment has the demons returning to Hell for the holidays, whilst the angels go back to Heaven.


Gabriel’s attempts to smuggle human entertainment items into Heaven fall short at customs

Apparently Heaven has the internet now, though you need to visit their library to access it. This means that Gabriel is unable to bring any of her human entertainment devices into Heaven.

That’s it for this episode, and this post was shorter than previous ones. That’s partly because my overall thoughts about this episode are that it wasn’t as enjoyable as the previous one. Vigne’s desire to celebrate Christmas was probably the best part, but I feel that Vigne has had stronger parts in previous episodes. Drunk Gabriel was pretty good, too.
We pretty much just got the characters behaving in the ways you’d typically expect. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there wasn’t exactly anything that really stuck out for me here.
Oh, and the other thing that contributed to this shorter post? I finally have my Nintendo Switch. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be diving back into Hyrule once more.

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