KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 5: 3-Star Kitty

I have really been looking forward to this particular episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, particularly as it serves as the introduction of the Cure I have been most looking forward to seeing this season.
Before I start talking about the episode, I figure it’s worth mentioning that it probably won’t be too long until the Maho Girls PreCure! film is subbed. Once it has been and I’ve watched it, I’ll share my thoughts on it on here.
Was it worth the wait? Let’s take a look.


The 3-Star Kitty is said to bring luck to any sweets shop it visits

Ichika tries to pet the cat, but it has none of it. However, the cat is more than eager to get petted by a certain girl who shows up. Before we get to that, it’s worth mentioning that the opening sequence has changed slightly to show scenes from the upcoming Pretty Cure Dream Stars film – scenes that feature the Cures from Maho Girls PreCure!.


Yukari Kotozume

At school, Himari tells Ichika that Yukari is practically a celebrity who can turn her hand to almost anything. She even has a fan club, and we see plenty of girls asking her to go out with them. She turns them down, though.


This looks nice

When Ichika comes across the 3-Star Kitty again, she is still unable to pet it. Yukari also shows up, and she ends up taking an interest in Ichika. Yukari effectively takes Ichika on a date, and then Ichika suggests that they should make macarons together.


Himari and Aoi are quite surprised to discover Yukari at the sweets workshop

Ichika tells them that they’ve decided to make macarons, but it turns out that they are quite difficult to make. This doesn’t concern Yukari, however, who decides to give it a shot regardless.


Ichika is more into it than Himari and Aoi

Ichika struggles with making the meringue, but things go smoothly once Yukari takes over. It seems that she’s been able to do everything ever since she was young, though she doesn’t seem to pleased about that.


Ichika’s efforts are quite lacking compared to Yukari’s – surprising no one.

When the time comes to taste the macarons, they are lacking. This immediately causes Yukari to go back to the kitchen once more to try again. Her second effort isn’t so great either, but Ichika notes how much love Yukari put into making the macarons. Ichika is hit by a flash of inspiration.


Ichika makes a cat macaron for Yukari

Ichika presents the cat macaron to Yukari, who accepts it. Since it’s about time for an enemy to show up, that’s exactly what happens.


This creature eats the kira-kiraru of the macarons

Not satisfied with its meal, the monster targets Yukari’s cat macaron. Of course, Ichika, Himari and Aoi transform in order to fight. Cure Whip, Cure Custard and Cure Gelato have an impressive display of teamwork, but it ultimately does very little against their opponent. After seeing that, Yukari confronts the monster. When she tells Ichika that she likes her, the kira-kiraru in the cat macaron responds to that and we get the transformation of the fourth Cure.


Cure Macaron

As you might expect, Custard and Gelato are surprised by this development. Yukari takes her transformation in stride, remaining as cool and collected as ever.


Cure Macaron single-handedly stops the monster’s punch

Macaron pretty much just toys with her opponent during the fight, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.


Cure Macaron has claws

Cure Macaron soon brings the fight to a close, claiming victory. After that, Yukari says that she wants to make perfect, delicious macarons. After telling Ichika that she really does make things interesting, Yukari departs. The episode ends with Ichika meeting a handsome person.


Akira Kenjou

I can immediately say that this episode was so much better than the previous one. Still, the wait for Yukari/Cure Macaron’s debut was worth it and I’m already liking her a lot. As things stand now, she is certainly my favourite Cure of this season – actually, she might even make it into a top ten of Cures from the entire franchise, at least for me.
I really like Yukari, and yes, a large part of that is due to her cat theme. But I also like how she’s not really satisfied with the way she is able to do anything, as well as the way people view her. I liked her interactions with Ichika in particular, as Ichika provided her with something interesting whereas she just ‘doesn’t dislike’ most other things. That moment when Yukari said she liked Ichika was great, particularly because it was the catalyst for her transformation into Cure Macaron.
Some pretty interesting music choices for Cure Macaron, too – I quite like her transformation theme, and the insert song that played whilst she fought was pretty good too.
Talking of fighting, I really liked how agile she was, as well as her cat-like quirks. She also managed to single-handedly defeat a foe that three Cures struggled with. Cure Macaron is a great addition to the team.

Next time, we’ll finally meet the fifth Cure. I’m particularly interested to see how she’ll interact with Cure Macaron, just to see if the people that ship them together because they appear in merchandise together are justified. Let’s also not forget that brief encounter between Ichika and Akira at the end of this episode – the title of the next episode only adds more fuel to that particular fire.


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