Gabriel DropOut Episode 8: Satanichia Time

Gabriel DropOut‘s eighth episode delves into the school life of the angels and demons.

We begin with Raphiel discovering that a bra she bought the other day is too tight for her. She goes ahead and decides to wear it anyway, though…


Raphiel decides to keep things low-key

Unfortunately for Raphiel, the first-years have a physical fitness test. Gabriel refuses to do it, and Raphiel has her own problem to deal with. However, there is at least one person who is keen to prove herself superior to the others.


Satania declares that it will ‘Satanichia Time, all the time’

Of course, Satania relishes the chance to prove her superiority to Gabriel, but the angel still has no intention of doing the physical fitness test. However, Vigne has just the thing to motivate Gabriel; all-you-can eat yakiniku.


Spending all that time playing MMORPGs has taken its toll on Gabriel’s physical fitness

Turns out that Satania is athletically gifted, whilst Gabriel is sorely lacking when it comes to physical exercise. Raphiel also holds back due to fear of her bra straps breaking. Naturally, Satania revels in outperforming both angels.


So smug

There’s one final event for the physical fitness test, and it is one in which Raphiel finally goes all out to beat Satania. As you can probably guess, Raphiel succeeds, but her win does come at a cost.


Satania awards Raphiel the Special Satanichia Medal

Following on from that, Vigne and Satania have a mock interview together with their homeroom teacher.


Satania certainly has a unique interview technique

Vigne tries to deal with the interview in the manner of a professional, though she ends up getting flustered by Satania’s behaviour. Oddly enough, it is Satania who ends up helping to calm Vigne. All throughout the interview, their teacher does not react to Satania. However, once it has finished, Satania does get into trouble.


Gabriel is hungry due to a lack of food and money

At the end of the day, the class president approaches Gabriel and asks her for her homework. Gabriel hands it over, and also discovers that she is in a club. The class president asks if she would like to join a club, but as you might expect, Gabriel flat-out refuses. Well, until she discovers that it is the cooking club the class president is in.


Tanaka and Ueno welcome Gabriel to the cooking club

Gabriel doesn’t recognise the two students, despite both of them being in her class – it seems the only people that Gabriel acknowledges in her class are Vigne, Satania and Raphiel. We also learn that the class president’s name is Machiko, and that she may not be the best at cooking. Regardless, Tanaka and Ueno are eager to whip something up for Gabriel to eat.


Gabriel just wants to eat, she doesn’t care about how it was prepared

Whilst Gabriel is eating, Tanaka and Ueno take the opportunity to play around with her hair.


I’m liking the twin-tails

As thanks for the food, Gabriel says that she will allow the girls to get into Heaven when their time comes.


Satania warily shares an umbrella with Raphiel

With rain pouring down, Satania finds herself reluctantly sharing an umbrella with Raphiel. Raphiel takes delight in Satania convincing herself that the angel plans to do something, but then the weather clears up and Satania spots a frog.


Raphiel does not like frogs


This was a satisfying moment

Another pretty great episode of Gabriel DropOut. I enjoyed each of the sections, with Gabriel at the cooking club and Satania discovering Raphiel’s fear of frogs being my favourites from this particular episode. I’ve been wanting to see Satania get one over one Raphiel, and this episode delivered exactly like that in a satisfying manner.
Without a doubt, Satania is the stand-out star of this episode, but all of the characters contributed to my enjoyment of this episode. These past couple of episodes have really proven that Gabriel DropOut can be good when it wants to be. Unfortunately, we did have to experience some low points to get to this point, but hopefully there won’t be any more as we start moving towards the last month of the winter season.

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