Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 7: A Proper Maid

This week, the dragons go to the beach and Comiket. Let’s take a look and see how they cope.


It’s a beach episode, so here’s some characters in swimsuits

We begin with Miss Kobayashi taking the dragons to beach, as well as Shouta – who her manager asked her to look after. Lucoa is quickly escorted away due to her swimsuit being too skimpy. Turns out Miss Kobayashi isn’t exactly a fan of the beach – but that doesn’t stop her from letting Tohru and Kanna enjoy it.

Applying sun cream.jpg

Tohru spots an opportunity and seizes it

Lucoa also asks Shouta to apply sunscreen to her back, but something far more interesting is happening a short distance away from them.


Kanna just being Kanna

When Kanna decides she wants to play, Tohru suggests watermelon splitting – because this is an anime beach episode, and you can’t have one of those without a watermelon being abused.


When Kanna plays, she plays seriously. Poor watermelon…

After that, Kanna wants to swim. She and Tohru race, without holding back. After Miss Kobayashi scolds them for going overboard, they go to grab some shaved ice. There, Tohru ends up asking about Miss Kobayashi’s family. Tohru ends up wondering if humans could accept dragons, despite having been told that all humans are evil.


Tohru feeling listless – fortunately, Miss Kobayashi is able to cheer her up

Miss Kobayashi asks Tohru if she can ride her, and Tohru happily complies. She turns into her dragon form, and Miss Kobayashi, Kanna, Lucoa and Shouta ride her out into the open sea.


Miss Kobayashi enjoys a spot of fishing

Miss Kobayashi asks if Tohru is feeling homesick after their conversation, and also suggests that Tohru should introduce her parents to her. Tohru says that she can’t do that, as they’d probably kill Miss Kobayashi. Perhaps Tohru has become independent, or that’s what Miss Kobayashi suggests – no matter what, though, Miss Kobayashi wants to enjoy the time she spends with Tohru.


Miss Kobayashi and Tohru help Makoto at Comiket

The second half of the episode focuses on Tohru’s first time at Comiket – Kanna stays at home because there is stuff there not suitable for little eyes. Anyways, Miss Kobayashi helps out at Makoto’s table whilst Tohru grabs a sign to show where the end of the queue is.


Someone asks Tohru if she’s a cosplayer

Tohru is amazed at the huge gathering of people, though she can’t quite put her finger on what it is that is compelling them. She also gets mistaken as a cosplayer, and her insistence that she is a real maid just leads to people thinking she’s in character.


Kanna taking care of her summer homework

Back to Comiket, and Tohru decides to check in on Fafnir.


Things aren’t going so well for Fafnir

For the low price of ¥1000 each, Fafnir is trying sell Curse Anthologies. It’s probably for the best that there’s no interest, as Tohru states that the anthologies contain genuine curses.


Miss Kobayashi points out that Tohru is pretty much just another cosplayer. This is her response

When she takes a look around, Tohru realises that there are some interesting folk mixed among the cosplayers: three non-humans from the other world.


A goblin, a witch and a sahuagin – all genuine non-humans

I thought it was ‘sahagin’… well, whatever, I’ll just go along with Crunchyroll’s subs. Tohru approaches them, and they say that Comiket allows them to freely be themselves in the human world without drawing any attention. They don’t stick around for long when Tohru tells them that she is a dragon, though.


Tohru spreads her wings

Tohru asks Miss Kobayashi’s permission to take on her true form, and Miss Kobayashi gives her the go ahead. She also snaps a picture of the dragon – and ends up being the first of many. Tohru asks someone what it is that draws everyone to Comiket – it something that only exists in that place at that moment. Tohru finally understands the appeal of Comiket, and it helps her reconfirm something.


Tohru’s first Comiket was a success

Comiket ends, but the episode has one more thing before it finishes. Kanna asks Miss Kobayashi for some advice on what she should study for her free study. Miss Kobayashi suggests something that Kanna would like to learn more about.


Kanna decides to study Miss Kobayashi

This was a really great episode, but before I start praising it, let’s start with something I’m not a big fan of: Shouta and Lucoa. Effectively, we just got more of the same from those two characters when they appeared, and that was already pretty lame to begin with. In fact, the only thing I found funny was Lucoa being dragged away due to her skimpy swimsuit. Her interactions with Shouta feel really out of place – there’s a lot of heart when it comes to the other dragons we’ve seen so far. Lucoa and Shouta’s interactions don’t have that – and they don’t have the humour either. Honestly, I feel that you could cut Shouta and Lucoa entirely from this anime and that wouldn’t affect my enjoyment of it.
Perhaps that’s a little harsh, considering we haven’t really seen too much from Shouta so far. I’ll be more than happy to be proven wrong, but that would involve Lucoa being used for something other than fanservice. Shouta’s not a terrible character either, it’s just he’s been saddled with a pretty crappy role as Lucoa’s plaything.

All right, enough venting. Without a doubt, Kanna remains the best thing ever. When she at the crab and when she at the cicada both caught me off guard – I should’ve expected it, and yet I didn’t. Needless to say, those moments caught big old laughs from me.
Tohru’s as great as ever, and we got some really good poignant moments with her discussion of family. The end of Comiket was also another heart-warming moment for Tohru. If Tohru’s smiling, then I’m probably smiling as well.
Aside from what I’ve already mentioned, the humour continues being top-notch – whether it’s Kanna’s appetite or the dragons not holding back, I’m finding a lot to laugh at.
In light of all that, Lucao and Shouta are only a minor flaw that I can easily overlook. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid continues to impress me.

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1 Response to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 7: A Proper Maid

  1. OG-Man says:

    Tohru and Lucoa delivered and even Miss Kobayashi looked cute. Kanna continues being a walking nuclear bomb of cuteness. Poor Mr Fafnir though. At least he’s trying to be more sociable.

    We both share the same opinions on Lucoa getting the short end of the stick as far as character arcs go but we also agree that’s merely a blemish on what is otherwise a great show.

    Next time is most certainly be a MUST SEE episode.

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