Gabriel DropOut Episode 7: Bad to the Bone

This week, a get a Vigne-centric episode of Gabriel DropOut – one in which she tries to be demonic. Let’s take a look.


The episode begins with both Gabriel and Vigne discovering that they’re getting less money

Vigne tries asking Raphiel, of all people, for advice. Raphiel suggests dressing in a way that will raise Hell, offering Vigne something that will let her do just that.


It’s a terrible pun – nobody should ever take advice from Raphiel

Vigne doesn’t wear the bear costume for long. Raphiel suggests she tries acting like Satania, but that just causes Vigne embarrassment when she does so.
After that, Vigne tries asking the owner of the coffee shop about doing bad deeds – they end up brainstorming some ideas that Vigne is eager to try out.


She also is wearing her ribbon loose

Vigne is eager for Gabriel to see her state of dress, but doesn’t get much of a reaction. Vigne does try doing another couple of misdeeds: leaving the tip of Gabriel’s pen out, and not taking notes in class. All this effort results in:


Gabriel’s reaction is not what Vigne was hoping for

A despondent Vigne goes to the restroom. On the way there, fellow demon Satania takes note of the way she is dressed.


Satania’s observation lifts Vigne’s mood

It seems that trying to act more demonic takes a toll on Vigne, and she ends up stuck in bed with a cold.


Even demons can catch human colds

Being ill, Vigne finds herself unable to get to sleep. She recalls that humans count animals to try and lull themselves to sleep, so she tries the same thing.


One cerberus – Vigne tries counting these

Though Vigne has a nice little song for counting, sleep still eludes her. A couple of visitors knock on the door, and Vigne opens it to find Satania and Raphiel have decided to visit her.


Satania and Raphiel want to play around

Vigne kicks Satania and Raphiel out of her house, and tries getting to sleep once more. She tries counting again, except it is Gabriels this time around.


This is what Vigne sees when she tries counting Gabriels


Vigne wakes up by yelling at the Gabriels to wake up

As you might guess from that image above, there is another visitor that has arrived to see Vigne.


Gabriel visits to drop off Vigne’s homework

Gabriel asks Vigne if she is feeling better, which Vigne interprets as Gabriel actually being concerned for her. Turns out Gabriel wants Vigne to do her homework as well. Vigne kicks her out, too. Vigne then spots a bag full of food that Gabriel brought over with her – Gabriel does care, not that she’d outright admit it.

Instead of the usual ending theme, we are treated to Vigne’s Gabriel counting song to close out the episode.

This was definitely one of the better episodes of Gabriel DropOut, probably because it focuses on one of the arguably most likeable characters. Vigne’s attempts to be more demonic got some laughs out of me, simply due to how inane her ‘bad deeds’ were.
Though their intentions may not have been so great, it was nice to see Gabriel, Satania and Raphiel visiting the sick Vigne. Admittedly we didn’t really get much out of Satania and Raphiel, but we did see that Gabriel does actually care for her friend.
It feels good to actually be enjoying Gabriel DropOut again. I just hope that we’ll get more episodes that were as fun as this one. We haven’t exactly had a whole lot of Gabriel for a show called Gabriel DropOut – I’d like to see more from her. If we can get a Gabriel-centric episode that proves to be as enjoyable as this one, then I’ll be happy.

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1 Response to Gabriel DropOut Episode 7: Bad to the Bone

  1. OG-Man says:

    Even Vignette is better at taking advantage of the spotlight than Gabriel.

    Gabriel continues being a poor man’s Garfield.

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