Winter 2017 Anime: Thoughts So Far

As we’re roughly halfway through the winter season of anime, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the shows I chose to watch. I’ve been sharing my thoughts on Gabriel DropOut, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode with episodic posts, so I may be repeating myself a little bit when sharing my thoughts on those three shows.

Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends


Ai-Mai-Mi gets pretty surreal, though this screenshot doesn’t really indicate that

This was just as surreal as I expected it to be. The most recent episode concluded the two-episode long ‘doughnuts arc’, which had a more darker and serious tone. Problem is, Ai-Mai-Mi isn’t something I expect, or want, to take seriously. There isn’t really too much more to be said – this is definitely one of fans of the surreal.

BanG Dream!


Kasumi learning to play guitar

This show started later than most, but I’ve found myself really enjoying what we’ve got so far. Currently, we’re being introduced to each of the band members of Poppin’ Party and I have to say I’m finding all of them likeable. The interactions between the characters are pretty great, too – Arisa is quite the tsundere for Kasumi. This certainly has the potential to go on to become one of my favourites from this season.

Chain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas


A new enemy appears before the heroes

I’ve been watching the film version of this series – as far as I can tell, the TV version is just each film split into four episodes with opening and ending themes tacked on.
Chain Chronicle has been a fairly enjoyable fantasy series. There’s too many characters to keep track of – unless you’re familiar with the original game, I guess – but I do have to say I really like the battle scenes. Particularly as said battles are on quite a big scale. I’d say this is worth checking out if you enjoy the fantasy genre, even if you are unfamiliar with the game.

Dragon Ball Super


Characters from universe 7 at the exhibition match

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Universal Survival saga plays out – Goku’s desire to fight stronger opponents has potentially doomed multiple universes. However, it does mean we get to see several Dragon Ball Z characters come out of retirement (or whatever it was they were doing whilst Goku and Vegeta were in the spotlight). Before the main event, we have an exhibition match in which Goku, Gohan and Buu will take on three fighters from Universe 9. First, Buu vs. Basil – and no, Buu won’t be missing out by falling asleep this time, thanks to Mr. Satan.
After having self-contained episodes focusing on the characters, I’m looking forward to having a full-on arc in which the stakes are high. Not to mention that the Universe 7 team is a great line-up, too. Then there’s the opponents from the other Universes – alongside some of Universe 6’s fighters (all of whom I quite liked), we also get a what appears to be a female Legendary Super Saiyan. Some exciting stuff is in store for Dragon Ball Super, methinks.

Gabriel DropOut


It’s February, so here’s a picture of an angel and two demons celebrating Hallowe’en

Before the winter season, Gabriel DropOut was one of the shows I anticipated most. Now, however, it’s not even in my top five of this season. It’s an all right show, but I was hoping for more than we’ve got from it so far. Satania and Vignette are without a doubt the best characters, and I’ve seen quite a mixed reception towards the angels – I’m not a fan of Raphiel myself.
I’ve been sharing my thoughts on a weekly basis for this show, and will continue doing so in the hopes of the show doing something to make it more interesting.

Idol Incidents


Politics should be more like this

This show, which features idols as politicians, has been one that I’ve really quite enjoyed thus far. It’s been more or less formulaic so far, but that hasn’t stopped it from being fun. The idol twist on the whole politics thing keeps it interesting, though most problems have been solved with a song and dance. The most recent episode provided us with an exception for that trend, however. This has been pretty fun to watch.

Kemono Friends


Bag, Serval and other Friends are proving to be incredibly popular

This show is not the pinnacle of animation, but I’m finding that I am enjoying it quite a lot. The basic premise has a girl called ‘Bag’ and a serval-girl called ‘Serval’ travelling through a place called Japari Park to find a library so they can find out more information about who, or what, Bag is.
This show is actually really fun, and we’ve had rather surprising hints of the setting being post-apocalyptic. There are also monsters called Ceruleans out there, though the episodes have mostly been focusing on the different ‘Friends’ – or animal-girls, if you will.
A cursory glance might have you believe this to be a kids’ show, but look again and there’s more than meets the eye. If you don’t mind the CG animation, I whole-heartedly recommend checking this one out.

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode


Cure Whip and Cure Custard are the first two Cures who have been introduced

At this point in time, only two out of the five Cures have been officially introduced – pink bunny Cure Whip and yellow squirrel Cure Custard. The first two episodes have been fun introductions to said characters. Since we’re only two episodes into this series, there isn’t much else I have to say at the moment. I am, however, sharing my thoughts on each episode on a weekly basis.

Koro Sensei Quest!


Some of the E Class face an immobile Koro-sensei

This parody of Assassination Classroom has been another fun show to watch. It’s definitely one for fans of the original material, as there are plenty of references to events and characters from Assassination Classroom‘s plot. I’m enjoying the swords and sorcery twist it has, and the humour is pretty good as well.

Little Witch Academia


Akko’s attempt at transformation magic led her to looking like this

We’ve effectively had some slice-of-life goings on in the magic school that Akko is attending, featuring a host of familiar characters. It’s been fun, and Trigger’s animation is as great as ever. For fans of magic school settings, Little Witch Academia is well worth checking out.

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club


Girls and their bicycles – there’s not much more to be said here

Take the standard girls’ club formula and apply bicycles, and this is the show you get. It’s all right, but I’d probably have to say I prefer Long Riders! – maybe things will change with the second half, though.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Just one of many heart-warming moments

Without a doubt, this is the show that I am enjoying the most this season. It’s got humour, heart-warming and adorable moments all wrapped up into a single package that makes watching it pure joy. I’ve shared my thoughts on each episode on a weekly basis for this one, and I almost always only have positive things to say about it.

Nyanko Days


This cat, Elsa, belongs to Azumi. The potential combination of Elsa and Yuuko’s cats could prove to lethal

Perhaps the most adorable thing ever. Each episode only runs for two minutes. Whilst this does prevent an overdose of cute, it also leaves me wanting more every time. Without a doubt the cats are the highlight of this show, but I also like the relationship that is developing between Yuuko and Azumi – the owners of the cats. With how short each episode is, there isn’t really too much more to be said here.

One Piece


Nami’s Clima-Tact gets an upgrade

With the most recent episode, Luffy has set off for Whole Cake Island to retrieve a member of his crew – I’m keeping up to date with the manga, and as such I am looking forward to seeing the events that unfold there in animated form. The Straw Hats’ time spent in Zou was all right, even if there were some points where the plot didn’t move forward as quickly as it should have.
Regardless, things are definitely moving along now, but before the Straw Hats get to Whole Cake Island we’ll be checking in on some familiar faces elsewhere in the world.

Saga of Tanya the Evil


Tanya can be ruthless

I wasn’t too sure whether I was going to start watching this or not at first, but I certainly have no regrets about picking it up. The premise is about an arrogant salaryman who is reborn as a girl in a setting similar to WWI Germany, except with magic. The reason for his reincarnation is due to insulting a deity, referred to as ‘Being X’.
Watching Tanya try to perform well enough in the military to get a comfortable role away from the front lines is fun to watch, especially with Being X constantly screwing her over – her performance soon sees her on the front lines.
Also, this gets bonus points for having Aoi Yuuki play the role of Tanya.

Schoolgirl Strikers


Of course there was a swimsuit episode

This show isn’t particularly terrible, but it’s not exactly a shining beacon of anime either. For what it’s worth, I have been enjoying it – just not as much as some of the other shows featured here. I’d say Schoolgirl Strikers is a harmless bit of fun.

Urara Meirocho


Chiya sure does get a lot of attention from the other girls

Perhaps the best cute girls doing cute things show this season, with a theme of fortune-telling. I like the entire cast of characters, with Chiya easily being my favourite. I don’t know, something about her feral nature and the way she shows her belly to apologise just appeals to me.
As you can see from the above screenshot, we also get some rather nice interactions between the girls – it seems Chiya has attracted quite a following. Can’t forget to mention Saku and her admirers, either.
There have been some really fun shows this season, and without a doubt this is one of them.

That wraps up everything I’m watching this season. I also decided to check out the first two episodes of Granblue Fantasy The Animation, which I found myself enjoying – I will be watching Granblue Fantasy The Animation when it starts airing proper in spring.

Turning my attention back to this season, my top five picks are:

  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  • BanG Dream!
  • Urara Meirocho
  • Nyanko Days
  • Kemono Friends

Dragon Ball Super‘s Universe Survival saga and KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode have only just begun, so it’s too early to judge them – both are off to pretty intriguing starts, though.
Without a doubt, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is my top pick, and I’d say that the other four are pretty much interchangeable. You could probably throw Little Witch Academia in there somewhere as well.

So that’s my thoughts on what I’ve chosen to watch this season, and I have to say I think it’s a pretty good season. Feel free to share thoughts on the shows you’re watching as well, whether I’ve featured them here or not.


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