Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 6: Hits and Misses

In this sixth episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, we check in on the homes of a few different characters.


Riko is ecstatic that Kanna accepted her invitation to her home

We begin with Riko asking Kanna if she wants to go over to her place to play – Kanna accepts, and you can see Riko’s reaction above. Tohru and Miss Kobayashi are also invited, as Riko’s family also has a maid.


The Saikawa family maid, Georgie

Miss Kobayashi is enthralled with Georgie – not a surprise considering how keen she is on maids. Miss Kobayashi drags Tohru up to Georgie’s room where they discuss maids. Whilst they discuss maids, Riko and Kanna play together in Riko’s room.


Riko remarks on how soft Kanna is

After getting closer to Riko – in quite a literal sense – Kanna decides she wants to play a video game. In Georgie’s room, meanwhile, Tohru is pretty much left out of the conversation as Miss Kobayashi and Georgie eagerly discuss tea, antique cups and other maid-related subjects.


Kanna gets a comfortable seat, whilst Riko gets pure bliss

Whilst she’s playing the game, Kanna wanders if she’s getting along with the other kids at school. Riko assures her that she’s fine. Riko also says she wants to get closer to Kanna, even marry her.


Kanna wants to be even closer with Riko

Suddenly, Tohru bursts into the room trying to escape from Miss Kobayashi and Georgie’s fanatical maid conversation. This distracts Kanna from what she’s doing – this does end up leaving both Kanna and Riko dwelling on what might have happened. Oh, and it also turns out that Georgie is actually Riko’s older sister.


Lucoa decided to live in the human world

Lucoa visits the Kobayashi household to inform them that she’s moved into the human world. The reason for this is that she detected someone performing a summoning ritual and thus decided to be the one that would be summoned. However, the mage responsible mistakes her for a demon, so she asks Miss Kobayashi and Tohru to set the record straight.


The mage who summoned Lucoa, Shouta Magatsuchi

Shouta remains convinced that Lucoa is a demon, and as such is really fidgety. Miss Kobayashi ends up implying that Lucoa should so something for Shouta in order to continue staying at his place. Lucoa offers several things, but Shouta shoots down all of her suggestions.


Shouta doesn’t need anything that Lucoa is offering

Lucoa tries offering her body, but all this does is caused Shouta to run off and call her a demonic succubus. After that, Miss Kobayashi notes that Shouta’s father may be the director of the company she works at.


Fafnir and Makoto are really getting along

Makoto and Fafnir spend most of their time together playing games – it seems that they’ve arranged for whoever loses to wash dishes after meals. Fafnir also offers up some suggestions about the game Makoto is creating for Comiket.


I find this particular image incredibly heart-warming

Whilst Miss Kobayashi, Tohru and Kanna are out, they happen to spot Makoto and Fafnir walking together. Whilst Makoto goes into a shop, Fafnir waits outside thinking how humans are hits and misses – he considers Makoto to be a hit.


We end with Miss Kobayashi, Tohru and Kanna enjoying the rain, despite hanging these up

That brings episode 6 to an end, and it’s an episode that I enjoyed for the most part. Kanna and Riko getting closer was great – one is left wondering just what Kanna wanted to do with Riko, though. Miss Kobayashi’s interactions with Georgie were pretty funny, too.

Now, I didn’t mind the segment with Lucoa and Shouta too much, but I do hope we get more from those characters than what we’ve seen here. The fact that mages exist in the human world could certainly lead to some rather interesting possibilities, but I’m concerned most of Shouta’s screentime will just be him reacting to Lucoa’s assets. I’ve loved every moment of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid so far, but if there’s one particular segment I would identify as the weakest, it would be the interactions between Shouta and Lucoa. Though saying that, Shouta turning down Lucoa’s offers of wealth, power and charisma was pretty great.
Hopefully my fears will be unfounded and there’s more to Shouta and Lucoa than what we saw in this episode.

Makoto and Fafnir getting along was an enjoyable segment – the two have a great relationship, no matter whether you want to view it as platonic or something more. Even Tohru remarks how incredible it is for a human to be living with Fafnir. The fact that Fafnir considers Makoto to be a hit was rather neat, as well.

That shot of Tohru and Miss Kobayashi sharing an umbrella whilst watching Kanna is so good. I don’t know about anyone else, but it really drives home the point that they are a family – Miss Kobayashi and Tohru are the parents, watching over their child, Kanna, with smiles on their faces. It’s moments like this that make Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid one of my favourite shows of the winter season.

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