Gabriel DropOut Episode 6: Devil Python

As we hit the halfway point of Gabriel DropOut, we get an episode that shines the spotlight on Satanichia.


Satania wields the Devil Python

Anyone shot by the Devil Python will be forced to laugh for ten minutes straight. Naturally, Satania wants to use it to get one over on Gabriel. With the gun in her face, Gabriel just surrenders. Satania still intends to shoot her, but well… this is Satania we’re talking about. Things don’t go her way.


Gabriel shows no mercy

Turns out the thing about making someone laugh for ten minutes is correct, though.


Satania shows up at Gabriel’s home to challenge her

Raphiel also appears at Gabriel’s place, and offers to referee the match between Satania and Gabriel. Satania refuses at first, but Raphiel is able to persuade her otherwise. Raphiel suggests a game of shogi. Being referee, Raphiel takes advantage of Satania not knowing the rules to start declaring all kinds of penalties that allow Gabriel to win. Let’s face it, Satania was never going to win no matter what.


Class 1-B’s president models for Satania during art class

The reason the president is posing like that is because Satania considers the pose to be ‘hella awesome’ or something like that. This isn’t enough to interest Satania, so she suggests that the president strip.


Gabriel and Vigne don’t envy the president being stuck Satania

The president almost ends up going along with Satania’s whims, but Satania discovers a pose that she wants to draw before any clothes can come off. Turns out Satania doesn’t have much artistic talent, whereas Vigne does.


Gabriel finds these three knocking at her door

Moving on, suddenly it’s Hallowe’en. Raphiel, Satania and Vigne get into the spirit of the event, but Gabriel is just as apathetic as ever. Whilst Raphiel and Satania search Gabriel’s home for treats, Vigne tries to convince Gabriel to dress up as well.


Gabriel considers her angel get-up to be a costume

This doesn’t satisfy Vigne, though, as she had bought something else for Gabriel to wear. With Raphiel’s help, she is able to get Gabriel into the costume she bought along with her.


Vigne dresses Gabriel up as a werecat

With everyone dressed up, the girls go out trick-or-treating. At Satania’s suggestion, they visit the house of a person they all know.


Gabriel, Vigne and Satania’s teacher

Satania specifically chose the teacher as she expected he wouldn’t have any treats and thus she would be able to prank him without repercussions. However, turns out he does have treats – including ‘ultimate melon bread’. We get the predictable gag of the dog snatching the melon bread and doing a runner to end the episode.

Having the spotlight shine on Satania for an episode is great, as I find her to be one of the more likeable characters. Unfortunately, that does also mean we get the predictable gags of Raphiel messing with Satania and that dog running of with the melon bread. Kind of disappointing when you take into account the episode is called ‘Satania’s Counterattack’ – I was hoping that she’d be able to get one over on Raphiel.
I’d say the art class segment was probably the most enjoyable, followed by the Hallowe’en stuff. With the trick-or-treating part in particular, we got to see our four main characters actually get along with each other. Admittedly Gabriel was reluctant towards it at first, but that’s about par for the course.
It would be nice if something could be done about the stale running gags – I want my expectations to be subverted. Instead, things play out exactly as I expect them to. There are cases where this doesn’t have too much of an impact on the humour, but other times knowing what’s coming just sort of nulls any comedy.

I feel like I’ve been fairly negative about Gabriel DropOut in my past few posts about the show. I have actually been enjoying it, it’s just that there is potential there that the show isn’t quite reaching. There’s just something there that is preventing me from enjoying this show as much as I thought I might have.

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1 Response to Gabriel DropOut Episode 6: Devil Python

  1. OG-Man says:

    Same here. Besides the usual Satanichia’s awesome, Vignette’s adorable, Raphiel’s alright and Gabriel’s meh, not much else to the show to make it really make it a memorable Girls Club show.
    It’s currently a “You saw it once, had some fun and then might pick it up again one day when bored” kind of show. Doesn’t help that the protagonist makes me think of a poor man’s Garfield.

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