KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 2: Sweets Are Science

After being introduced to Ichika Usami/Cure Whip in the first episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, the second episode serves as an introduction for the yellow Cure.

The first episode ended with a voice emanating from a mysterious box, and the second begins by revealing what dwells within.


This place comes with a fully equipped kitchen, and a ghost… sort of

As Ichika eagerly explores the sweets workshop, she happens upon the owner of the voice.


Chourou was the one who was trapped inside the box

Chourou asks if Ichika wants to take on the role of PreCure, and she agrees almost immediately. The setting shifts over to the school, where Ichika manages to end up flying face-first into another girl.


It’s not the first time something like this has happened

The other girl is Himari Arisugawa, and quite a shy lass at that. Ichika returns the book she dropped to her, but she runs off whilst thanking her. Later on in the day, Ichika goes out to buy herself a sweet treat and ends up bumping into Himari. Ichika ends up taking Himari to the sweets workshop to make pudding, but Ichika’s baking skills still need work.


Upon seeing Ichika mess up several times, she drops her shy demeanour and gives a lecture

Himari’s lecture lasts until the evening. By the time she realises, she becomes upset with herself. Her eagerness to talk about sweets at great length wasn’t met with much approval from her classmates when she was younger, and as such she became something of an introvert.


Himari stops by the sweets workshop where Ichika is still struggling to make caramel

With Himari’s advice, Ichika is able to successfully make caramel. Himari is passionate about sweets, and just wants to find people that she can share that with. Of course, Ichika realises this and is thankful that she has a new friend she can share her passion with.


A tearful Himari is happy to share her passion for sweets

With the caramel successful, Ichika and Himari work on making a bucket pudding. Ichika also creates a special pudding for Himari.


Squirrel-themed pudding

Once the puddings have been done, a monster appears out of nowhere and devours the kira-kiraru from the bucket pudding. It goes after Himari’s pudding as well, but Ichika steps up to protect her.


We don’t get much of an explanation about this foe

Ichika transforms into Cure Whip, but ends up getting stuck when she tries to attack the monster. During this scuffle, we discover that Chourou can’t leave the sweets workshop – if he does, he starts to fade away. With her friend in danger, Himari steps forward. The squirrel pudding responds to her, and we the transformation of the second Cure.


Cure Custard

Cure Custard’s power allow her to move incredibly swiftly. She is able to escape getting stomped by the monster, but stopping herself proves to be a little more difficult. Fortunately, Cure Whip is on hand to help out.


Whip saves Custard

With her speed, Custard runs rings around the monster before stopping its movement to allow Whip to finish it off. With the monster defeated, Ichika and Himari are able to sit down and enjoy the bucket pudding they made together.


A well-deserved treat for our heroines

That brings the second episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode to a close. Before this episode, I found myself feeling indifferent towards Cure Custard. However, after her introduction here, I have to say that I do quite like her. I can relate to being a shy person who can talk at length about something they’re passionate about.
I do also tend to favour knowledgeable characters, so that’s another factor that I like about Himari – the episode title does refer to her as the ‘tiny genius’. Himari/Cure Custard is a great new addition to the team.
Putting Cure Custard aside for the moment, what was the deal with the monster? I know we needed some kind of opposition for Cure Custard, but it did just come out of nowhere.
Probably no sense in being too concerned about it, though – its presence did mean we got to see Cure Custard in action for the first time.
Well, that’s two for two enjoyable episodes so far for KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode. I do feel like all of the introductory episodes will be fun – it’s what comes after them that will probably be shaping my opinion of this series.

Next time, it’s the introduction of my second-most anticipated Cure – the blue lion. For those curious, by the way, my most anticipated is the purple cat Cure, whilst the red dog Cure is just behind the lion.


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One Response to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 2: Sweets Are Science

  1. OG-Man says:

    Himari was adorable as expected. Could she become Ichika’s “favorite”? We shall see. Great introduction to the Yellow Ranger and I eagerly anticipate the Blue Ranger’s debut next time.

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