Gabriel DropOut Episode 5: My Presence is Payment Enough

The fifth episode of Gabriel DropOut introduces us to a new angel – one who quickly discovers that the certain angel she admired in angel school is no longer the person she thought she was.


Here’s our naive new angel

The angel appears to be dressed as an astronaut, and she also has an encounter with a cat which makes her think they’re all dangerous. Her reason for coming to Earth is to visit Gabriel.


After taking precautions, she enters the school to seek Gabriel

As you might imagine, Gabriel is pretty freaked out to be approached by a masked stranger. She quickly regains her composure, though, and asks for some money for the vending machine. The masked angel believes that she is being shook down, and that Gabriel is a punk.


Punk Gabriel

Raphiel soon comes along, and realises that the girl is actually a fellow angel – Tapris. Raphiel reveals that the punk is actually Gabriel, which shocks Tapris.


Tapris discovers the harsh truth about Gabriel

Raphiel suggests it was the work of a demon that caused Gabriel to become the way she has, and tells Tapris that she can meet that very demon. Of course, Tapris buys Raphiel’s tale, and goes to the classroom where a demon is waiting for her.


Satania’s plan to surprise Tapris doesn’t go quite to plan

Of course, the whole encounter was set up for Raphiel purely for her own entertainment. This means she can’t resist the urge to peek into the classroom to see how things play out.


Raphiel watches from outside the classroom

Tapris is pretty convinced by Satania claiming that she’s the one responsible for Gabriel’s fall from grace. Satania even produces a couple of photos to serve as proof.


Tapris expresses quite an interest in the photos of Gabriel

Tapris declares Satania to be a special A-class threat, and decides that she needs to do something to free Gabriel from the demon’s clutches.


Tapris confronts Gabriel

Tapris challenges Satania to a game of old maid. Unfortunately, she easily falls for Satania’s distraction and her poker face is terrible.


Satania wins the game of old maid

Tapris runs off, whilst Satania revels in her victory. Of course, Raphiel can’t help but just laugh at the whole thing.


A friendly face appears to help Tapris when she gets lost

Vigne shows kindness towards Tapris, who believes she’s discovered another angel. Vigne also seems pretty excited to be called ‘senpai’. She shows the angel outside, and Gabriel arrives to reveal another harsh truth to Tapris.


Tapris discovers that Vigne is actually a demon

Vigne’s disappointed to have a potential new friend run away, though Tapris does stop and say that she looks forward to having together with her. With the evening setting in, Gabriel lets Tapris stay at her place for the night.


The state of Gabriel’s home is enough to cause Tapris to start becoming fallen

Tapris tries cleaning the place up, but Gabriel tells her that is useless – Vigne already tried that. After a trying day for Tapris, she ends up falling asleep. When the morning arrives, Tapris discovers that Gabriel might have performed an act of kindness for her – except that’s not the case at all. Poor Tapris…

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the fourth one – perhaps the introduction of the new angel Tapris was the reason for this. Satania’s segment certainly helped, too. I’m still not a fan of Raphiel, though to be fair she did set up the encounter between Tapris and Satania.
I personally like Gabriel – her sense of apathy is something I can really get behind – but I’d probably have to say that the demons are the best characters.

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1 Response to Gabriel DropOut Episode 5: My Presence is Payment Enough

  1. OG-Man says:

    Gabriel is still boring.
    Satanichia is still our future ruler and Vignette should never, ever be bullied.
    Tapris is delightful while Raphiel only exists to fulfill the “big boob” quota.

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