KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 1: Let’s La Cooking!

Before the newest entry in the PreCure franchise started airing, I was unsure as to whether or not I would be covering it. However, certain events at the end of Maho Girls PreCure! got me looking forward to this entry, and now having watched the first episode I have decided I will continue covering PreCure for the foreseeable future.
With that said, this first episode serves as an introduction for our new lead Cure. Let’s take a look at how things go for her.


Our new lead character, Ichika Usami

We begin with Ichika shopping for some ingredients as she plans to bake a cake for her mum, who will be returning from being away for a year. As she is doing so, something interesting appears in the sky.


Clouds of sweets – this event also catches the eye of four other girls

After that, we get the opening theme – and I have to say, it isn’t too bad. Once that’s done, Ichika returns home and starts baking a cake – complete with a musical interlude and some live action footage showing the method for making a cake.


Elsewhere, this creature is causing mischief

A fairy tries to stop the creature from doing whatever it is he’s doing, but to no avail. Back to Ichika, we get to see how her baking is going.


Not very well

As Ichika laments over her cake, something comes flying in through the window and hits her right in the face – a pretty common occurrence in PreCure whenever a Cure meets a fairy mascot.


Our fairy mascot this time is Pekorin

Pekorin is able to help Ichika actually successfully make a cake – though Ichika does have to get over the shock of meeting a cat/dog thing that can talk and has colour-changing ears. Whilst the cake is in the oven, the phone rings. Ichika eagerly answers it, but…


Ichika is disheartened to discover that her mum isn’t able to come back yet

The purple creature from earlier targets Ichika’s cake – turns out he’s called Gummy, and is collecting the ‘kira-kiraru’ from everyone’s sweets. Using the power of the kira-kiraru, Gummy bulks up.


It seems that Gummy will be our starter villain

He targets Ichika’s cake, but Pekorin grabs it and does a runner. Gummy pursues, and of course Ichika follows them. Ichika just wants to give her cake up after her phone conversation with her mum, but Pekorin tells her that the cake is filled with her feelings and she shouldn’t just give it away. Ichika ends up agreeing, and as Gummy makes a grab for the cake there’s a burst of light.


Ichika finishes her cake, as instructed by Pekorin

When the cake is done, it transforms into a transformation trinket and we get the first transformation sequence of the series.


Cure Whip during her transformation sequence


Cure Whip, ready to serve

Naturally, Ichika is pretty shocked by her transformation into Cure Whip – and there’s something that almost every lead Cure experiences as a rite of passage right afterwards.


I’ll never tire of this tradition

When she’s back on the ground, Cure Whip starts dodging around Gummy’s attacks. He decides to switch to using speed rather than brute force, but it turns out that Cure Whip’s bunny ears are fully functioning and she can use them to hear his movements.


Cure Whip can hear every one of Gummy’s movements

After dodging around for a bit, Cure Whip decides it is time to fight back.


Cure Whip goes on the offensive against Gummy

Gummy is defeated, complete with Team Rocket-style blasting off. Once he’s gone, Cure Whip reverts back into Ichika, and then a voice starts coming from a box.


We’ll have to wait until next week to see who or what is inside this thing

The first episode ends there.
KiraKira☆PreCure a la Mode is off to a fairly enjoyable start. Ichika’s passion for baking was fun, even if she wasn’t exactly that great at it. I quite like Gummy’s design, and I liked how he decided to face Cure Whip directly rather than rely on a monster of the week.
As for the opening and ending themes – I though they were pretty good. It’s only early days at the moment, so I don’t really know how I feel about them compared to others. I’ll give them a chance to grow on me even further before making any judgements about them, methinks.
The live action recipe of the week segment at the end of the episode was certainly different, though it didn’t really say much about quantities of ingredients. Probably best just to search for those recipes elsewhere if you’re so inclined to bake whatever they’re showing.

Well, since there are five Cures this season, it stands to reason that the first five episodes will be devoted to introducing them – Cure Whip got the first episode as lead Cure, and it is the turn of the yellow squirrel Cure next time. Whilst I am looking forward to meeting the whole team, it is the purple Cure I’m most eager to see. I’m also pretty intrigued by the masked person who appears in the opening – a possible big bad, maybe.

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5 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 1: Let’s La Cooking!

  1. OG-Man says:

    This premiere gave me hope that we’ll be getting another super fun PreCure like Suite and Smile. I too look forward to meeting the Purple Cure most of all.

    • Rory says:

      Definitely a fun start, and it’s probably safe to assume that will be the case for all the Cures’ intros.
      It’ll be pretty interesting to see what happens once the entire team has been assembled.

  2. tcondon1 says:

    I don’t know about you but I found Ichika’s voice grating. Other than that it was a decent start and has potential to be pretty good.

    • Rory says:

      I do feel it’s going to take a little time to adjust to Ichika’s voice. It’s not as bad as Nozomi’s from Yes! PreCure 5, though.

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