Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 4: That’s Wicked

Episode 4 of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid gives us a episode that focuses on Kanna which further reinforces my feelings that Kanna is just the best thing ever.


The answer to that question is yes.

Kanna’s decision to go to school means that Miss Kobayashi will need to go shopping for supplies. Naturally, Tohru goes along with them too. Their first order of business is to pick up some cute stationery.


Kanna likes the selection of cute stationery available at a newly-opened shop


Tohru and Kanna mess around in the stationery shop

After the stationery, the next order of business is a backpack. Kanna chooses a red one, which turns out to be quite expensive. A charm also catches her eye, but when she hears Miss Kobayashi remarking about the backpack’s price, she puts it back.


Kanna’s purity shines so much that it’s blinding

The shop that sells school uniforms is the next stop, and in there Miss Kobayashi talks about how humans tend to be afraid of anything that stands out.


Miss Kobayashi pets Kanna

When Miss Kobayashi and the dragons get back home, Kanna is eager to show off her backpack.


Kanna is called cute by Miss Kobayashi

Hearing Miss Kobayashi’s compliment towards Kanna, Tohru asks to borrow the backpack.


Miss Kobayashi is less than keen when Tohru tries the backpack

Kanna is unable to hide her excitement about starting school.


She tries sleeping whilst wearing her backpack – she soon casts it aside

The next day rolls around, and as such it is time for Kanna to start school.


Kanna’s introduction to her new classmates


Tohru watches over Kanna at Miss Kobayashi’s request

As the day progresses, Kanna’s new classmates quickly warm to her. One girl, however, feels that Kanna has been standing out too much.


Riko finds Kanna so cute that she wants to hug her

Riko tries challenging Kanna to arm wrestling to prove that she is better than here. Her classmates tell Kanna not to bother as Riko plays dirty, but Kanna has her own method for dealing with Riko.


Kanna turns on the waterworks, which immediately gets Riko apologising

Tohru finds Kanna’s fake crying a roundabout way to settle things, and says as much when they are walking home together. Their conversation turns to the reason why Kanna wanted to go to school, and her reasoning is that she just wants to spend time with the humans she’s near. When they’re back at home, Miss Kobayashi gives a gift to Kanna to celebrate her starting school – it’s the charm she wanted get when they bought the backpack.


Kanna is grateful for the gift


Kanna was encouraged to put name tags on her possessions, so Tohru does the same


The next segment begins with this scene of destruction

Going back to the previous day, we are shown how things came to end up the way they did. It begun with Kanna coming home together with Riko, and revealing that they had challenged some older boys to a game of dodgeball.


Kanna enlists the help of her fellow dragons


Riko is infatuated with Kanna – I mean, who can blame her?

The humans stand no chance against the dragons in their game of dodgeball. However, the dragons want more afterwards, so they play against each other. We’ve seen what it’s like when dragons play with each other, and that’s the reason behind the destruction.


Fortunately Lucoa is on hand to undo the damage

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragons Maid continues to be great – well, in my opinion at least – perhaps maybe even the best show this winter. Much of this is helped by Kanna, but the other dragons prove that they can be a lot of fun as well thanks to the dodgeball segment.
On the human side of things, Miss Kobayashi has her own charm that I really like about her. The newest addition to the cast, Riko Saikawa, is a character that I’ve already come to like only after a single episode – probably due to the interactions between herself and Kanna. They make a great pair.
I like how we get humour mixed together with heartwarming moments – Kanna putting that charm back was so adorable, as too are Kanna’s reactions. I could honestly go on for ages about how great Kanna is, but I’ll put a stop to it here.
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid has been a great experience thus far, and I always look forward to watching new episodes of it the most out of the shows I’m watching this winter.

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