Gabriel DropOut Episode 4: Beach Trip

The summer holidays arrive in Gabriel DropOut‘s fourth episode, and Vigne has something planned out for them.


These four discuss plans for their summer holiday

The episode begins with Vigne eagerly discussing her plans for the summer holiday with Raphiel and Gabriel – the latter of which isn’t really into the whole idea. Satania overhears their conversation, and ‘subtly’ indicates that she’s got a free schedule – after being bullied by Raphiel and Gabriel (as usual), Vigne invites her along.


The weather has other plans

When the day of the trip arrives, Gabriel’s pretty thrilled to see that they may have to call it off due to the weather. However, Raphiel makes a quick phone call and the weather miraculously clears up. With clear skies, the beach trip resumes.


Gabriel is indifferent to being at the beach


Gabriel has her priorities straight

Vigne, Satania and Raphiel take it upon themselves to educate Gabriel about the pleasures of the beach. Satania goes first.


Satania tries to show Gabriel the joy of surfing – it ends in a big splash


Vigne builds a sandcastle, but Gabriel finds that boring


Raphiel’s suggestion of watermelon splitting is one that Gabriel finds herself enjoying

The girls do some other typical beach activities throughout the day, and when the time comes to go home, Satania discovers that wearing her swimsuit underneath her clothes was a mistake – fortunately, Vigne is a much nicer person than either of the angels.


Vigne is a demon who can be relied upon


The angels and demons fall asleep on the way back home

The credits roll, but there’s a final segment afterwards – Gabriel and Satania show up at Vigne’s place to copy her homework, and they end up talking about how Gabriel and Vigne met.


Gabriel was a purer person back when she first met Vigne

As Vigne recounts her first meeting with Gabriel, Satania stops her a couple of times because she has a hard time believing that Gabriel could have been so pure – in fact, you could have called her angelic.


Satania’s reaction to hearing about Gabriel asking to be friends with Vigne

Satania’s pretty shocked about the whole thing, but she seems eager to hear more – eager enough to say that she’ll complete a page of homework on her own. She quickly gives up on that idea, though.

That’s it for this episode, which wasn’t too bad, I suppose. Each character seems to have a specific role to play, and this episode demonstrated that, but on the beach. Gabriel remains indifferent, Satania is the butt of the jokes, Raphiel is still a bully and Vigne continues to be an angelic demon.
Vigne recounting her first meeting with Gabriel was fun, and Satania’s reactions to it helped make that segment more enjoyable. That face that Satania pulls caught me off-guard.
Gabriel DropOut hasn’t been too bad so far, but it hasn’t exactly been massively spectacular, either.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Our future ruler is not only the best girl but also the sexiest. Raphiel comes close and Vignette’s cuteness gives her massive appeal. Gabriel sucks.

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