Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 50 (Final): The Vengeance of Strawberry Melonpan

Our time with Maho Girls PreCure! has come to an end – I’ll be reviewing it it in due course, but for now let’s just focus on this final episode. I’ll also mention that I will be updating my PreCure ranking accordingly too.
Without further ado, let’s dive into the fiftieth and final episode of Maho Girls PreCure!.


After their reunion, the girls get some strawberry melonpan

We start with Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun catching up. During the years that they spent apart, Riko became a teacher at the Magic Academy.


Riko followed in her sister’s footsteps

Kotoha decides to use her magic to revert everyone back to the ages they were before they all ended up separated – a little disappointing for those who were hoping to see more from the older girls.


They do get a whole transformation sequence for the age-regression thing

Almost right after that, something inhales all of the strawberry melonpan and Kotoha’s wand. That thing turns out to be a rather familiar looking foe.


Dokurokushe returns – sort of…

Dokurokushe escapes through a portal, so naturally the girls give chase and end up at the Magic Academy.


Who’s the lass with the sceptre?

Anyway, Dokurokushe inhales all the sweet treats and in turn the viewers are treated to the appearance of some familiar faces – Riko’s familiar and the mermaids of Mermaid Island.


Dorothy, Nancy and Sissy enrolled at the Magic Academy upon Riko’s recommendation

A quick visit to the headmaster has his crystal reveal that another unworldly power will awaken and the Pretty Cure will once again shine their light to stop it. Also, another familiar face shows up to tell them about the enemy they’ve been chasing.


Batty enrolled, and seems to like hanging from the headmaster’s ceiling

With help from the other Magic Worlders, the girls are able to catch up with Dokurokushe once more.


Yamoh returns upon seeing Dokurokushe through the crystal ball

Dokurokushe slips through another portal, and the girls follow him to wind up in a place that might have some importance in the near future…


The Kirakira Patisserie… hmm, ‘Kirakira’…

Inside the patisserie, they meet a girl who makes them some Mofurun cakes. The girl introduces herself after Mirai and the others have eaten.


This is Ichika Usami

After that stop, the hunt for Dokurokushe resumes. The girls decide to stake out the MofuMofu Bakery van – the place they get their strawberry melonpan from.


Two girls meet after one drops her soft toy… just like Mirai and Riko

Dokurokushe shows up and starts inhaling sweets. Chikurun also appears for no particular reason, though he is able to retrieve Kotoha’s wand. With her wand back, the girls transform.


We started with a Diamond Style transformation, and that’s how we’re ending


Miracle and Magical are thrilled to be able to transform once again

Yamoh and Dokurokushe try to escape once more, but a mysterious third party denies them that opportunity.


This here is Cure Whip

Miracle, Magical and Felice defeat Dokurokushe – or rather, cure his cavity. Cure Magical invites Yamoh to the Magic Academy, but he chooses to go wherever Dokurokushe may go instead – having his cavity cured means he’ll no longer steal people’s sweets. Cure Whip disappears from sight.


These two bring back memories for the girls

Going back to the headmaster for a while, it turns out Cassie has sensed something else – the awakening of the new head of the Magic Academy.

Headmistress Riko.jpg

Riko aspires to become head of the Magic Academy

Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun end up flying around the No Magic World with the Rainbow Carriage, distributing strawberry melonpan to everyone.


These two are amongst the familiar faces who receive strawberry melonpan


We end with this

Well, I’m gonna miss Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun, that’s for certain. Let’s save talking about the entire series for the review, though – the focus here will remain on just this final episode.
I was worried that this episode of Maho Girls PreCure! would do something to undo the ending we experienced in the previous episode, but it turns out that was a needless worry. I have to say I actually really like what they did here.
With Cure Whip actually appearing in the episodes, it’s the first time two different continuities have canonically interacted with each other – I know we’ve had the All Star films, but those are non-canon.
I’d like to think that this potentially means that the Miracle, Magical and Felice could get a cameo appearance in Kirakira☆PreCure A La Mode.
Considering the absurd number of Cures there are nowadays, I’d always thought it would be pretty neat to get a whole series for the All Stars crossover – could Cure Whip’s appearance here be the beginning of that kind of thing, or is it just wishful thinking? Regardless, I have to say that Ichika’s appearance in this episode has got me looking forward to Kirakira☆PreCure A La Mode.
It’s pretty nice to end on a silly note, too – after Deusmast’s defeat and the emotional scenes of episode 49, we get a fun episode to cap off Maho Girls PreCure!. It’s by no means the best ending in the franchise, but I’m pretty satisfied with it.
One thing that disappoints me about this episode is that the girls’ older selves do not get enough screentime. I suppose that would have meant altering the transformation sequence somewhat, and I guess Toei just didn’t feel like doing that.

Well, Maho Girls PreCure! may have come to an end, but this won’t be the last we see from the girls – there’s the upcoming Dream Stars crossover film, and let’s not forget that Cure Miracle and Cure Magical are a couple of the anime characters who are ambassadors for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
I can think of no better way to end this post than with the video of Cure Miracle passing the baton to Cure Whip, so here it is:

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5 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 50 (Final): The Vengeance of Strawberry Melonpan

  1. OG-Man says:

    I too demand a team-up episode between the Magician Rangers and the Cooking Rangers!

    Yup. More screen time of our heroines in their teen forms would have been swell. Glad to see Kana and Mayumi became a couple…teehee.

    • Rory says:

      Considering what happened in this episode, it certainly suggests that could be a possibility outside of the upcoming Dream Stars film.
      Kana and Mayumi are great together, no doubts about that.

      • OG-Man says:

        I’d like a small team up arc in Kira Kira but if it’s a movie team-up that works too.

  2. Who’s the lass with the sceptre?
    – Solcière from mahou all star

    PS. Kumata from mahou movie have cameo too.

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