Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 49: When Our Feelings Are Connected, We Can Make Miracles

It’s time for the climax of Maho Girls PreCure! as we hit the penultimate episode. How do the Cures fare against this enemy? Well, let’s take a look – also, it should be a given by now, but I’ll say this just in case: spoiler warning. We are at the end after all.

So the previous episode finished right as the Linkle Stone spirits completed the magic circle. Of course, this means a new power will be unleashed, and we get to see what that is in this episode.


Pretty Cure Extreme Rainbow


Cure Felice takes on a form of equal size to Deusmast

This kind of thing has happened in a previous series of PreCure, though Cure Miracle and Cure Magical’s part in this battle give it something of a twist.


Miracle and Magical are able to switch freely between Styles


Sapphire Style


Topaz Style


The Cures’ Topaz Style attack


Miracle and Magical use all four Styles during the fight

The Cures deliver quite a beatdown to Deusmast, what with them switching between their Styles, and Cure Felice gets in a few hits as well. Deusmast tries to cover the planet in chaos, but remember when the Magic Academy headmaster reached out to everyone in the previous episode?


The light of life overcomes chaos

With the light of life shining brightly, and being supported by the collective will of the people of both the Magic and No Magic Worlds, the Cures bring an end to Deusmast.


Miracle, Magical, Felice and Mofurun prepare to finish off Deusmast

Deusmast may have been defeated, but now there’s the small matter of the Magic and No Magic Worlds separating.


She’s got the whole world in her hands

Kotoha says she will help so that the worlds can turn back to normal as smoothly as possible – however, their separation is inevitable. Though Mirai and Mofurun will be separated from Riko and Kotoha, they will always be connected. Before Riko returns to the magic world, she casts a spell.


Riko casts a spell to ensure that they will meet again

There’s an emotional farewell, complete with plenty of tears. Mofurun thanks Riko for finding her way back – this meant Mirai became friends with Riko, and Mofurun had her wish to be able to talk to Mirai granted. There’s also a touching conversation between Mirai and Riko who wonder what it would have been like if their worlds were closer or further apart – no matter what, they knew that they would have met each other, as well as Mofurun and Haa. After that, it’s a timeskip.


An older Mirai

Mirai spends some time with her friends, and also studying hard. She also spends some quality time with her grandmother, which leads to some reminiscing to how Mirai and Mofurun first met.


Mofurun was a gift from Mirai’s grandmother

Mirai’s grandmother tells her that Mofurun has been and always will watch over her, whilst Mirai thanks her grandmother for sharing all her stories. During the night, in which the moon is in a rather familiar phase, Mirai takes Mofurun out for a walk.


Lots of tears in this episode

To continue with the emotional stuff, an insert song kicks in. Mirai discovers a stick on the ground, and starts speaking some familiar magic words.


A tearful Mirai tries casting the same spell over and over again

Suddenly, Mirai finds herself falling. A familiar train rushes past, and then Mofurun slips from her grasp. Fortunately, another familiar presence shows up to save the bear.


Mirai is reunited with Riko


There’s some familiar faces on the train, too


Mirai and Riko, reunited


Everyone’s back together

That brings an end to the 49th episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, and I have to say it certainly makes for a pretty good finale – except that wasn’t the last episode; Maho Girls PreCure! has one more episode to go.
The fight against Deusmast was enjoyable, but wow, it didn’t last long. I really liked the way that Miracle and Magical switched freely between their Styles, and I’ve already mentioned that Felice’s part in the battle brings to mind another final battle from a different PreCure series.
Mirai’s separation from Riko and Haa was emotional, without a doubt. There was a timeskip, but it’s never explicitly stated how long that was. Mirai’s emotions come pouring out when she tries to cast that spell, but I’d imagine she had to endure years of loneliness – it’s a little bit depressing if you think about it.
Fortunately, we get to end on a happier note, and one that is filled with the traditional PreCure yuri subtext – although I could see an argument for it being more than subtext, particularly with that first insert song.

This would have been a great place for the series to end, but as I’ve already mentioned we have one more episode to go. Actually, it seems even the characters are surprised to discover that, if the preview is anything to go by. I’ll probably discuss the final episode in a post, because, hey, I’ve come this far. After that, it will be a review of the entire series, and then I guess I’ll have to update my PreCure ranking.

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6 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 49: When Our Feelings Are Connected, We Can Make Miracles

  1. MarkS00N says:

    Because I enjoy precure based on how yuri it is, then how action pack it is, then other element, this episode is the best one of MahoPri for me…

    There are many elements that makes this episode one the gayest Precure episode so far (even the gayest for me), from the fact that they are adult (or young adult) now (with Mirai as beautiful lady and Liko the handsome one, creating a complementary contrast), the flashback that focus a lot (though not solely) on Mirai-Liko, the romantic music, the wording (e.g. when their feeling are connected, they can make miracle), the crumbling voices, and many-many more…

    I really-really-really love this episode and probably will be the one I remember the most whenever I think about Mahotsukai…

    • Rory says:

      This was certainly a great episode, and would have been a great way for this series to end.
      Though saying that, I’m glad we still have one more episode to go.

  2. OG-Man says:

    Mirai and Liko’s love will be one for the record books of PreCure gayness. Hibiki and Kanade have at lonng last met their match.

    This is another case of “Should we even call their relationship subtext anymore?”

  3. xcvista says:

    The whole series-wide Kotoha arc here feels like a couple raising a child from infancy to adulthood and now need to allow her leave home on her own. Mirai and Riko split the parents roles (some may say Mirai took a slightly more masculine role while Riko slightly more feminine) and Mofurun is somewhere between a cool big sister and a cool peer-aged aunt to Kotoha.

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