Gabriel DropOut Episode 3: Work’s A Drag

In this episode of Gabriel DropOut, Gabriel gets a part-time job, Vigne tries to get to know Raphiel a little better and summer arrives.


Gabriel starts working part time at a coffee shop

Turns out Gabriel decided to start working in order to earn some funds to feed her MMO addiction – microtransactions don’t pay for themselves, after all. Gabriel’s attitude towards the job is pretty lacking, though the owner forgives her for that as he assumes she is foreign.


Gabriel paid no attention to what the customer ordered

When the day comes to an end, the owner offers some coffee to Gabriel. She’s pretty indifferent towards it, though. Before she leaves, the owner asks if she will work over the weekend. Gabriel flat out refuses.


The owner agrees to let her work once every week

Next up, Vignette decides she should try to get to know Raphiel a little better. Though she is a little alarmed that the top two graduates of angel school are a MMO addict (that would be Gabriel) and a stalker-in-training (Raphiel, of course).


Vigne and Raphiel go out on a friend date

The two talk a little, with Raphiel deciding she should play the fool because Vigne often plays the role of the only sane person – what do you expect when she spends a lot of time around Gabriel and Satania? Turns out Raphiel has some rather interesting habits, too.


Vigne and Raphiel find some common ground when it comes to leaving laundry in a washing machine for too long

After Vigne reveals she can’t handle scary stuff, despite being a demon, a waitress brings Raphiel’s orders to their table: three cream puffs. One is a super-spicy puff, and Raphiel decides whoever picks that one has to cover the bill. Both Vigne and Raphiel avoid the spicy one, but then Satania happens to pass…


Satania enjoys the super-spicy cream puff, much to Raphiel’s shock

Following on from that, Satania decides to enter a coffee shop. She has a surprise waiting for her on the other side of the door, though.


Gabriel punches Satania

After discovering that Gabriel works there, Satania decides to order something simply to have the pleasure of Gabriel serving here. Of course, Gabriel is as difficult as possible about the whole thing.


Gabriel threatens to spill coffee on Satania

After a lot of mucking around, when Satania gets finally gets her coffee it’s cold. Also, she shows no appreciation for the coffee which comes as quite a shock to the owner. As he ponders the riddles that are youngsters, a certain other demon shows up. She appreciates the coffee.


Gabriel’s air conditioner is broken

For the final part, Gabriel finds herself struggling with the heat due to a broken air conditioner. To make matters worse, she also has to put up with mosquitoes.


Gabriel uses Angel Shield

Turns out that not even a holy aura can keep mosquitoes at bay. As such, Gabriel goes to Vigne’s place in order to seek solace from both the heat and mosquitoes. When Vigne suggests that Gabriel should take a bath, the angel has no reservations about stripping off.


The holy light keeps things family-friendly

After Gabriel has had her bath, Vigne offers to apply cream to her mosquito bites.


Gabriel lets out a cute squeal when Vigne applies the cream

Vigne cooks dinner for Gabriel, and the angel decides that she’ll stay over at the demon’s place.

That brings this episode of Gabriel DropOut to the end, and I quite enjoyed it. Gabriel working at the coffee shop was some pretty fun stuff – I think it was just her attitude towards the job was what really got me.
The part with Vigne and Raphiel was all right, I suppose – the highlight was easily Satania inadvertently getting one over on Raphiel for that particular section.
The stuff with Gabriel and Vigne was pretty great, too. Vigne is a caring soul, particularly considering the fact that she is a demon. The way in which she interacts with Gabriel lends itself to some funny moments, too.
Once again, Gabriel DropOut offers us another fairly enjoyable episode. Arguably not the best comedy anime I’m watching this season, but it has had a few moments where I genuinely have laughed out loud.

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1 Response to Gabriel DropOut Episode 3: Work’s A Drag

  1. OG-Man says:

    Once again everyone but Gabriel herselr are fun to watch.

    Don’t give up Satanichia! FIGHTO!

    Poor coffee guy.

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