Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 2: Dragons at Play

In this episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, another dragon shows up. With Miss Kobayashi at work, it falls to Tohru to take her under her wing and teach her about human society.


Why rely on a gas cooker when you have fire breath?

Miss Kobayashi takes Tohru out shopping, because the dragon maid happened to burn all of their ingredients. Miss Kobayashi is surprised to discover that Tohru actually gets on really well with humans, despite her views on them. When a thief tries to take someone’s purse, Tohru gets Miss Kobayashi’s permission to stop them.


Tohru catches up to the thief in an instant

Tohru’s actions draw quite a crowd, but they only gather round to applaud her efforts. Still, Miss Kobayashi grabs Tohru’s hand and leads her away.


Miss Kobayashi and Tohru hold hands

Moving on, it’s now time to introduce a second dragon girl.


Meet Kanna Kamui

Kanna accuses Miss Kobayashi of seducing Tohru and demands that she give her back. Of course, Tohru happens to return home and thinks that Miss Kobayashi is cheating on her until she sees who it is that’s clinging to the office lady.


Miss Kobayashi decides to take Kanna in – and after seeing this, can you blame her?


Following on from that, Tohru offers to take Kanna outside in order to play with her. They bring Miss Kobayashi along with them, too.


This is where Tohru and Kanna decide to play

Miss Kobayashi decides she’ll take a nap, leaving Tohru and Kanna to do their own thing. Turns out that when dragons play, it’s quite the spectacle.


I’m going to call this the ‘Kanna-hameha’


Tohru’s pretty cute most of the time, but then you get stuff like this…

Miss Kobayashi puts a halt to their rough-housing. We also discover that Kanna’s power runs on electricity, and she just needs to plug her tail into a socket to recharge. Miss Kobayashi asks them to keep things to her level, which leads to Tohru and Kanna pretty much imitating her behaviour.


Tohru teaches Kanna the ‘commonsense of society’

Tohru teaches Kanna about traffic lights, cars and other such stuff whilst Miss Kobayashi is at work. She does tell Kanna that cars run on magic, but her heart is in the right place.


Kanna is curious about a lot of things


This is all kinds of adorable

After an incredibly heartwarming chat, Tohru and Kanna decide to go and peek in on Miss Kobayashi at work.


Tohru and Kanna checking in on Miss Kobayashi

The 2nd episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid concludes with Miss Kobayashi explaining to Tohru and Kanna what a see-saw is.
This episode of the anime adapted chapters 5, 6, 9 and 7 of the manga, in that order. There’s a couple more chapters from volume 1 to be covered, and it seems like they’ll make up half of the next episode. Volume 2 won’t be available in English until March, so the next episode will have stuff that’s new to me.

As for this episode, it was great. The introduction of Kanna was great, and she certainly has a great chemistry with both Tohru and Miss Kobayashi. It probably helps that she is so freaking adorable, too.
Without a doubt, my favourite part of this episode was Tohru and Kanna playing with each other. It was certainly a spectacle, and an incredibly impressive one at that. On the flip side, the scene of Tohru and Kanna just talking and touching noses – just something that shows that this comedy has a lot of heart, too.
The shopping and Kanna’s introduction sections were both great too – in case you haven’t realised by now, I very much enjoyed the entirety of this episode.

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3 Responses to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 2: Dragons at Play

  1. OG-Man says:

    Kanna is the second coming of Magic of Stella’s Tama-chan. They are voiced by the same seiyu so yeah. Not much to add other than KyoAni is doing the right thing so far. Tohru will make a great wife for Miss Kobayashi and mother for their children.

  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    Nice Kamehameha pun.

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