Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 48: For Everyone’s Sunset

As we draw ever closer to the end Maho Girls PreCure!, the Magic and No Magic Worlds have experienced quite a change. With the big bad looming over both worlds, the final confrontation approaches.


Everyone seems calm about the two worlds becoming one

Previously, Mirai and the others awoke to discover that the Magic and No Magic Worlds had become one. Whilst our main characters are concerned by this, the people of both worlds have just accepted it.


Mirai casts a spell to get the cat to talk

Whilst Mirai’s friends are impressed by her use of magic to make a cat talk, they aren’t surprised by it. The girls soon come to the conclusion that the merging of the two worlds was caused by Deusmast, so they decide to go and talk to the Magic Academy’s headmaster.


Deusmast prepares to consume the world


The headmaster and Riko’s father listen to the girls

When Mirai and the others tell the headmaster what has happened, he has no problem believing them – their sincerity is what sells it for him. The Linkle Smartome springs to life, and we learn how Deusmast came to be.


Deusmast has to be defeated, but doing that could cause the Magic and No Magic Worlds to split apart

Deusmast is the one that’s merging the two worlds together, thus putting an end to him means that the worlds could potentially spring apart. This means that there would be no way to travel between the Magic and No Magic Worlds. The girls decide to go and confront Deusmast, regardless.


The headmaster communicates with everyone throughout the merged worlds

Whilst Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun go to face Deusmast, the headmaster delivers a message to everyone and informs them that the world is in danger. He asks for everyone to place their trust in Pretty Cure.


The girls prepare to take on Deusmast


This could potentially be the last time we see a normal transformation sequence in this series

Deusmast sends an army of monsters to fight the Cures. Naturally, Miracle, Magical and Felice fight back.cure-magical-attackscure-miracle-attackscure-felice-attacksAs the fight goes on, the Cures admit that they were happy seeing the Magic and No Magic Worlds as one. However, it’s not something they just want handed to them – they want to work to build that world together. All Deusmast is interested in is consuming the worlds, but the Cures won’t allow that.


The Cures stand against Deusmast

Miracle, Magical and Felice give a fairly typical PreCure speech about accepting differences and everyone’s power, which triggers the last two Linkle Stone spirits to recognise their power.


The Dia and Emerald Linkle Stone spirits


Finally, it is complete

Want to see what happens with the completion of the magic circle? Well, you’re going to have to wait until the next episode, because this one ends here.

Ending where it did frustrates me to no end – and not even the preview for the next episode is giving away what the completion of the magic circle will mean for the Cures. Still, I enjoyed this episode a lot – the curtain has risen on the final battle, and we got some nice action scenes with the Cures fighting Deusmast’s minions.
I also like how they’ve raised the stakes for the battle against Deusmast – even if they are able to put an end to the Neverending Chaos, it may result in the Magic and No Magic Worlds being split apart.
Maho Girls PreCure!‘s final act has been pretty good so far (though admittedly it has only just started). We’ll have to see if that continues to be the case next time, where I’m guessing that the endgame super modes will be revealed.

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