Gabriel DropOut Episode 2: Hell’s Kitchen

It’s about that time again when we check in on some angels and demons and how they are getting on at school. With not much else to say here, let’s just get right to it.


Gabriel is an angel

After Vigne’s expressed her doubt about Gabriel being an angel, she suggests that they go eat in the cafeteria. Before that, they notice that Satania tends to disappear at lunchtime so they follow her.


Satania eats alone

Gabriel and Vignette approach Satania, and she ends up dropping her food and losing her melon bread to a dog. Vignette invites her to go and eat at the cafeteria with them.


Satania claims to be a solitary demon, and scoffs at the idea of eating together with common riffraff.

So Gabriel, Vigne and Satania go to the cafeteria together, where it falls to the future queen of Hell to show them how to order their food.


Satania ends up getting udon for everyone

After Satania gets confused about disposable chopsticks, Gabriel has a suggestion for her to improve the taste of her food – which involves seven-spice blend. Satania happily follows along with her suggestion. Satania’s reaction to the now super-spicy udon?


Gabriel’s plan backfired

For the next section, we are introduced to the president of class 1-B.


Her hobby is doing crosswords

Turns out she has to nag Gabriel whenever paperwork is due in, and this time around she has yet to hand in her career path survey. The president overhears a conversation between Gabriel and Vigne, often getting the wrong idea about what they are talking about.


Gabriel wants to announce the end of days

It seems that Gabriel has come pretty close to announcing the end of days just because she died in a MMO. In the end, she hands the career path survey to the president.


Clearly Gabriel has lofty aspirations…

Up next, it’s time for cooking class. Vigne has the privilege of being in a group with Gabriel and Vigne.


This can only end well… right?

So, Satania was put in charge of bringing in a fish. She went to a lake in Hell in order to catch the one she brought in.


Fresh from a lake in Hell

Gabriel was tasked with brining in tofu and seaweed.


Gabriel fancied some curry whilst she was shopping, so she bought ingredients for that instead

Satania certainly has her work cut out for her. After struggling a little with Satania (that would be the fish, not the demon), and a whole host of other problems caused by Gabriel and Satania (the demon), the group manage to put something together.


This is what Gabriel, Vigne and Satania were able to cook up

For the final section, focus is on Satania who wakes up to discover an angel in her bed.


Raphiel managed to sneak into Satania’s bed

Satania attempts to remove Raphiel, at least until Raphiel claims that she wants to be Satania’s apprentice.


Satania accepts Raphiel as her apprentice

Of course, this being Raphiel, she has no intention of actually acting like an apprentice. Regardless, Satania gets played by her for a while. It doesn’t take too long for her to tell Raphiel that she’s fired after that.

That brings an end to the second episode of Gabriel DropOut, and I find myself feeling sympathy for Satania. Her triumph over Gabriel with the udon was funny, but the suffering she’s put through by Raphiel… I don’t know, I don’t think I like Raphiel that much.
Gabriel’s great, though, of that I have no doubt. I guess Vigne’s the real MVP, though, considering what she has to put up with from both Gabriel and Satania in this episode.
Ideally we’ll be able to see Satania get at least one over on Raphiel in a future episode, but for now she’s pretty much at the mercy of the angel.
Plenty of moments in this episode had me laughing out loud, despite what I think of Raphiel, so I guess another decent episode.


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One Response to Gabriel DropOut Episode 2: Hell’s Kitchen

  1. Karandi says:

    I still want to know what anime characters do to food to make it purple sometimes.

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