Winter 2017 Anime: First Impressions

With the first season of anime for 2017 having kicked off, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the first episode of each series I’ve chosen to watch.
Here’s my first impressions of each show I’ll be watching this winter, starting with a couple that actually first aired at the end of 2016:

Koro Sensei Quest!
Class 3-E goes all Dragon Quest on us as we get a series that is effectively ‘what if Assassination Classroom was an RPG?’ This spin-off is still about Class 3-E attempting to kill their teacher – it’s just that this time they have magic and they attend Kunugigaoka Magic School. Each episode is 10 minutes long.
The first episode was delightfully silly, even managing to slip in a Dragon Ball reference alongside the Dragon Quest stuff. Some pretty fun stuff here, I’ll be eagerly anticipating new episodes.
You can check out Koro Sensei Quest! on Crunchyroll, region permitting.

Fate/Grand Order -First Order-
The action scenes were great in this one, but everything else was a bit crap. I know the story has to be established, but having to sit through a ton of exposition wasn’t the greatest thing.
The main character is as generic as main characters get, and you immediately lost me with Mash when she started calling him ‘senpai’. Whilst it was enjoyable watching Caster in battle, the CGI attacks he used were dreadful.
Let’s just hope that all the other Fate adaptations that have been announced turn out to be better than this one.
Fate/Grand Order -First Order- is available on both Crunchyroll and Daisuki.

Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends
This was pretty much as I expected – more surreal stuff happens. It’s a gag anime, there’s not much else to really say about it.
Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends is available on Crunchyroll.

Saga of Tanya the Evil
Here’s another series that mixes magic with military. As such, the first episode featured a lot of people experiencing the horrors of war first-hand, and we also see a glimpse of why Tanya is called ‘evil’.
This seems all right – I wasn’t sure whether I was going to pick it up or not at first, but the first episode has convinced me to watch it. Still not too keen on the character designs, though.
Saga of Tanya the Evil is available on Crunchyroll.

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club
Judging by the first episode alone, I feel that this is going to be a fairly enjoyable girls’ club anime about cycling. I enjoyed Long Riders! whilst it was airing (and I’m looking forward to the last two episodes), so it’ll be interesting to see in what ways this differs from that.
Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club is available on Crunchyroll.

Schoolgirl Strikers
The first episode of Schoolgirl Strikers wasn’t exactly amazing, but it wasn’t terrible, either. I do like the cast of characters, and I guess there’s potential for some neat action scenes in which they all work together. I’ll be sticking with this one, and let’s hope that it improves on that first episode.
Schoolgirl Strikers is available on Crunchyroll.

Urara Meirocho
This was a whole lot of cute fun. Chiya is a character I already quite like after one episode, though I do have to say that the other three apprentices certainly have their charms too – and can’t forget about Saku and her subordinates, either. I very much look forward to seeing what else the adorable Urara apprentices get up to in the future.
Urara Meirocho is available on Anime Network Online.

Idol Incidents
The concept for this one is simple: idols as politicians. The first episode introduced us to our lead character Natsuki, and I have to say I like her sheer determination. We also meet Shizuka, and I do quite like the performance they put on towards the end of the episode.
I’m very much interested in seeing where this one goes, because it seems there may be a few politicians who aren’t best pleased to be competing with idols.
Idol Incidents is available on Crunchyroll

Nyanko Days
Each episode of Nyanko Days is only 2 minutes long. That might be for the best though, since it seems entirely possible you could overdose on the cute.
The first episode introduced Tomoko Konagai and her three cats Maa, Rou and Shii. They are all adorable.
Nyanko Days is available on Crunchyroll.

Little Witch Academia
The TV series of Little Witch Academia starts at the beginning, showing us Akko trying to get to Luna Nova in time for the matriculation ceremony. We see her first meetings with both Sucy and Lotte, and it doesn’t take long for the three of them to get chased down by a cockatrice.
Being a Trigger anime, I expect this one to be a fun ride and I do feel that the first episode has managed to deliver on that. Also, if an anime is set in Britain or has British characters, then there’s a very strong chance I’ll love it – you know, what with me being British myself.

Gabriel DropOut
If a show is labelled as a comedy, I simply ask that it makes me laugh. Gabriel DropOut achieved that on several occasions, whether it was at Satania’s misdeeds or just Gabriel herself. As regular readers will have seen, I’ll be covering this show weekly – my post for episode 1 can be found by clicking here.
Gabriel DropOut is available on Crunchyroll.

Kemono Friends
For some reason, I was expecting this to be a series of shorts – turns out I was wrong: this will be full length episodes. I don’t mind CG, but it isn’t exactly well-animated. It was a cute first episode, but there wasn’t really too much else going for it. Can’t complain about more feline girls, though.
Kemono Friends is available on Crunchyroll.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Another show that made me laugh, therefore I know it’s succeeding as a comedy show. I do have the advantage of owning the first volume of the manga, so I know what to expect. Still, the adaptation seems to be pretty faithful and I really enjoyed the first episode.
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is available on Crunchyroll, and I’ll be covering it weekly as well.

I’ll also pick up BanG Dream! when it starts airing, but we’ve got to wait a couple of weeks for that one. I’ll probably tweet my thoughts about the first episode once I’ve seen it.
That covers everything I wanted to start watching this season, but I may or may not end up picking up some more shows.
My top picks, based only on the first episode of each, are Urara Meirocho, Little Witch Academia, Gabriel DropOut and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

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