Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 1: High-Level Conversations

I picked up the first volume of the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid manga at Comic Con because I knew it was going to get an anime adaptation, and I enjoyed reading it – click here to see what I thought of it.
Now the anime adaptation has arrived, so I’ll be covering it on a weekly basis alongside Gabriel DropOut.

Might as well start with a meeting.


Coming face-to-face with a dragon as soon as you step out – it must be a dream.

When the dragon turns into a girl in front of your very eyes, the only response is to invite her in. I guess now would be a good time to properly introduce our characters.


This here is Miss Kobayashi, an office lady


The cute dragon girl here is Tohru

Turns out Miss Kobayashi met Tohru whilst out on a drunken wander in the mountains, and ended up inviting her to her place. Tohru wants to be a maid for Miss Kobayashi, but Miss Kobayashi turns her down at first.


Miss Kobayashi can’t bring herself to refuse Tohru’s offer after seeing this

Turns out Tohru is also very convenient if you want to get to work quickly – apart from the bit where she sticks out like a sore thumb.


Tohru cooks her own tail for Miss Kobayashi

Miss Kobayashi tries to get Tohru to demonstrate her aptitude as maid by giving her various maid duties. Things don’t quite go as well as Miss Kobayashi would like. The conversation turns to dislikes – not likes as well, because some of Tohru’s friends were killed by the things they liked. Well, there is one like that Tohru is willing to share:


No beating around the bush, here’s a confession in the first episode.

And if you have any doubt about that…


Miss Kobayashi wondered if Tohru meant she was going to eat her.

After that, Tohru is left to hold down the fort whilst Miss Kobayashi goes out to work. Having a dragon around as home security turns out to be incredibly effective.


He’s a colleague of Miss Kobayashi’s, as well as a drinking buddy

Someone isn’t best pleased to see Miss Kobayashi walking out of work with Makoto.


Tohru’s convinced that Makoto is trying to seduce Miss Kobayashi

Tohru ends up tagging along with Miss Kobayashi and Tohru when they go drinking, but their conversation turns to work and Tohru just can’t keep up. The topic of conversation then changes – to maids, of all things. Miss Kobayashi has a few things to say about Tohru trying to play the role of maid.


Drunk Miss Kobayashi

Makoto also happens to be a closet otaku, and going drinking with Miss Kobayashi gives him a chance to let that all out. Miss Kobayashi and Makoto end up having another conversation that Tohru can’t keep up with.


Miss Kobayashi strips Tohru, and demands that she acts more embarrassed

After that incident, Tohru puts her clothes back on and Miss Kobayashi seems to pass out. Tohru carries Miss Kobayashi on her back and walks home with Makoto, where she reveals her dragon form to him. Tohru takes the sleeping Miss Kobayashi back home.


Tohru has an interesting take on doing laundry

Miss Kobayashi speaks to Tohru about her method for doing laundry, and this conversation reveals that the clothes Tohru wears are actually her scales. If you take into consideration that Miss Kobayashi ripped them off her earlier… probably best to not think too hard about that one. Regardless, Miss Kobayashi has a gift for Tohru.


Miss Kobayashi bought some new clothes for Tohru

When Miss Kobayashi goes out, she has Tohru look up hygiene practices on the internet. She seeks advice from Fafnir, but then decides it would be better to ask Quetzacotl. When the time comes to dry the laundry, Tohru decides she needs to do something about the cloud skies.


If you have the power to clear away clouds, you might as well use it.


We’ll be seeing more from this lass in future episodes.

When the end of the day arrives, Miss Kobayashi gets into bed and Tohru joins her.


Miss Kobayashi and Tohru

Thus ends episode 1 of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, which adapted chapters 1 through 4 of the manga. I really enjoyed it, and it was great seeing the black-and-white manga pages become fully coloured animation.
The humour is great, and I think they managed to perfectly recreate the manga’s humour in anime form. Tohru’s a great character, and Miss Kobayashi plays off of her so well – they make for a perfect pair. Makoto seems all right, too.
With both this and Gabriel DropOut, I feel we’ve got a couple of great comedy series this season.  It may be tough to pick a favourite between the two, since I feel they both were off to a great start.


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