Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 47: We Still Have Tomorrow

After a break last week because of the new year, Maho Girls PreCure! is back and rapidly racing towards its conclusion. So, how did Mirai, Riko, Kotoha and Mofurun see in the new year? Let’s take a look.


Mirai and the others wake up to discover it’s a nice day

Whilst the weather is pretty great in the No Magic World, something is afoot in the Magic World.


Snow in a land that should be in perpetual spring – a sign that the cataclysm is beginning

Back in the No Magic World, Mirai finishes up her homework and decides to go and do something with the girls that they can only do in that world. Whilst they are out and about, they spot some familiar faces.


Kana tries to recall the magic words

Kotoha tries to tell Kana the actual words are ‘cure up rapapa’, but Riko manages to prevent her from revealing that they are actually magicians. After talking with a couple of other familiar faces, the girls arrive at a shrine.


Can’t have a new year without a shrine visit

As is customary, the girls make wishes at the shrine. Turns out we’ve actually been seeing Kotoha’s wish every time we’ve watched the opening sequence (well, not counting the times it show footage from the film, or when it was the first one).


Kotoha would love to see a giant Mofurun

Mirai’s wish is for everyone from both the Magic and No Magic Worlds to be able to get along – that one seems a lot more practical than Kotoha’s. Riko desires to find her path, though this does lead to them thinking about what they’ll do after they graduate from the Magic Academy. Riko and Kotoha both wonder if they’ll all be able to stay together. Mirai tells them that they still have tomorrow.


Both Magic and No Magic Worlds are plunged into darkness

With Deusmast drawing ever closer, Benigyo decides it is time to go and finish off the PreCure once and for all. She even absorbs the power of the nameless Deusmast servants, and thus takes on a new form for the battle.


Super Benigyo


Sapphire Style

After the Cures transform, it’s time for a fight. We get some aerial hand-to-hand combat, at least until Benigyo decides to throw in a ranged attack.


Benigyo has a breath attack/mouth beam thingy

Cure Felice is able to reflect the attack back at Benigyo with the Pink Tourmaline, though Benigyo is able to dodge the reflected attack. The battle continues in usual style, with the Cures bringing it to an end with Over the Rainbow. Benigyo does put up some resistance, but ultimately is unable to overpower the Cures’ attack. Despite winning the battle, a larger problem emerges from the eclipse.


Deusmast emerges

Benigyo’s wounds are healed and the other servants of Deusmast are revived. A portal appears which the Cures are forced into.


A familiar scene

Once again, Mirai and Mofurun wake up. However, a glance out of the window reveals that not everything is as it should be.


The Magic and No Magic Worlds appear to have merged.

It looks like Mirai got her wish her after all.

With this episode, the curtain rises on the final act of Maho Girls PreCure!. I really quite enjoyed the Benigyo fight, particularly as it gave of Dragon Ball Z vibes with the aerial combat and the beam struggle at the end. Benigyo’s super form was pretty neat, too.
We’ve known about the threat of Deusmast for a while now and it is in this episode where the Cures get their first glimpse of him. Deusmast is certainly an imposing figure, and pretty much what I’d hope for when it comes to a PreCure final boss.
I bet Kana’s going to have a field day with the two worlds becoming one.
I always feel that PreCure‘s best episodes are the last few in any given series, and the beginning of the end of Maho Girls PreCure! is currently right in line with that. With the Dokurokushe fight providing the benchmark for climactic battles in this series, it’ll be interesting to see whether the last few episodes will be able to surpass that.
I would love to see a final fight of the same calibre as the one at the end of Pretty Cure Splash Star (my personal favourite fight from the entire franchise), but I won’t get my expectations that high. Still hoping for an impressive finale, though.

Next time, Mirai and the others get to experience the fun of both the Magic and No Magic Worlds at the same time. This can only be good… right?

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