Gabriel DropOut Episode 1: Humanity Can Just Go to Hell and Die

It looks like for the winter season I’ll be covering a couple of the comedy anime that will be airing. The first one will be, as you can see from the title, Gabriel DropOut.
This one is simply a comedy about an angel, who is as pure as the driven snow… right?


Introducing our protagonist, Gabriel White Tenma

Gabriel graduates from angel school with top honours, and as is customary for the angels she descends to Earth to live among the humans and learn what humanity is like. The angel is eager to help everyone – even players of a MMORPG. She creates a priest class in order to heal those in need. This turns out to be Gabriel’s first steps down a dark path…


Gabriel starts pulling all-nighters playing MMORPGs

Fortunately, Gabriel has someone who is there to try and set her straight. Much like Gabriel, this other person is a supernatural being – except instead of coming from above, this one ascended from below.


Meet the demon Vignette April Tsukinose (Vigne for short) – who is way more responsible than Gabriel

Vigne ties to persuade Gabriel to actually go to school, though she doesn’t seem to have much luck. Well, not until she mentions that Heaven will probably force Gabriel to go back if she remains the way she is. Vigne departs for school, but Gabriel finds walking too bothersome. Instead, she tries to use an angelic technique called Divine Unimpeded Passage. Her attempt at using it… well, let’s just say things got a whole lot breezier for her down there.


After the incident, Gabriel threatens to get rid of any witnesses with the first trumpet of the apocalypse – humanity’s extinction would just be collateral damage

It seems that Vigne is able to avert the apocalypse – you know, just like you would expect a demon to do…


Talking demons, here’s the ‘next queen of Hell’, Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa – or just Satania for short.

Satania’s bit is all about performing great deeds of evil – such as recycling a plastic bottle with its lid still on. She’s pretty shocked to see Gabriel casually throw away a full can of drink, spilling its contents on the ground.


Satania loses a round of rock-paper-scissors to Gabriel

Satania ends up cleaning Gabriel’s mess. She ends up declaring Gabriel as her greatest rival, though she does this whilst sitting on the toilet to herself. The next evil deed Satania commits is admitting to their teacher the she purposefully did not do her homework.


Satania’s role in this show is becoming ever clearer

Gabriel ends up missing out on going shopping with Vigne by sleeping in for two hours. Vigne shows up at her place and lets herself in.


Vigne got herself a key for Gabriel’s place

When Vigne asks Gabriel why she didn’t turn up, the angel claims that she got caught up in cleaning her place. This leads to Vigne deciding that the two of them should actually set to work cleaning the place up instead of going shopping.


Gabriel’s halo now is quite a contrast to when she graduated from angel school

Gabriel seems pretty cool about having the potential to become a fallen angel, though she calls Vigne rude for even suggesting that all angels live like Gabriel do. Gabriel then tells Vigne that she isn’t exactly very demonic.


Vigne’s reaction to being told she’s not very demonic.

She tries asking Gabriel – an angel – how to be more demonic. All Gabriel can come up with is killing someone. This just leads to Vigne accusing her of being a demon. Gabriel suggests asking Satania, and immediately apologises for the suggestion right afterwards. A cockroach then appears, which freaks Vigne out.


Gabriel tries to send the cockroach to Heaven, but she misses it.

The cockroach approaches Vigne, and she panics.


That’s certainly taken care of the cleaning…


Vigne claims she was acting demonic by causing trouble for others

All right, before the episode ends we have one more angel to be introduced to.


Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha

Raphiel finds the human world boring, at least until she happens upon Satania arguing with a dog over some melon bread. Raphi decides to make Satania her toy, and I can only assume she starts what will become a running gag of teasing the ‘next queen of Hell’.
Turns out Raphiel goes to the same school as the girls, and is in the next class over. Satania is surprised to discover she is an angel, whilst Vigne thinks she could be friends with her.


Raphiel offers some melon bread to Satania, in exchange for her licking her foot

Vigne has second thoughts about talking to Raphiel after that.

That brings the first episode of Gabriel DropOut to a close, and I very much enjoyed. I like the humour we got and the characters are fairly cute, too. I did actually check out a few chapters of the manga before, so I already knew I was going to like the anime, but still I think we’re off to a fairly great start.
This first episode had plenty of moments where I laughed out loud, and I very much look forward to seeing how hilarity will ensue as the series continues.


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2 Responses to Gabriel DropOut Episode 1: Humanity Can Just Go to Hell and Die

  1. OG-Man says:

    All hail our lord Satanichia! Let us wish her and Vigne the best of luck in their ongoing struggles with the holy terrors.

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