Kirakira☆PreCure A La Mode Voice Cast Announced

As you can see from the title, we now know who the five Cures will be voiced by in Kirakira☆PreCure A La Mode. As such, let’s take a look at who is voicing who.


Ichika Usami/Cure Whip: Karen Miyama (Koyuki in Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow)


Himari Arisugawa/Cure Custard: Haruka Fukuhara (Main in Cookin’ Idol Ai! Mai! Main!)


Aoi Tategami/Cure Gelato: Tomo Muranaka (Saki in Keijo!!!!!!!!)


Yukari Kotozume/Cure Macaron: Saki Fujita (Ymir in Attack on Titan)


Akira Kenjō/Cure Chocolat: Nanako Mori (Eiko in Knights of Sidonia)

Some names I’m familiar with here, and some not so much. I think it’s worth pointing out that Yukari’s voice actress, Saki Fujita, has also previously voiced Sakura Trick‘s Mitsuki Sonoda and Yuru Yuri‘s Ayano Sugiura. In the grand scheme of things this is probably useless information, but that just happens to by my favourite type of information.


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One Response to Kirakira☆PreCure A La Mode Voice Cast Announced

  1. OG-Man says:

    Oooh, how delightful. A princely mahou shoujo. I know they’re not uncommon but still delightful to see one in PreCure.

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